Hidden Marriage
156 Where Is Your Hand Touching
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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156 Where Is Your Hand Touching

Zhang Qiang's first response was to beg for mercy. "I don't need it, I don't need it! Grandaunt, please give me a break! I was possessed and spouting nonsense before, there’s no way I would dare accept your money!"

"Who says I'm going to give you money?" Ning Xi kicked him.

Zhang Qiang rolled to this feet quickly, his face full of innocence. "But didn't you just say…"

This temperamental person in front of him was really driving him mad.

Ning Xi looked at him coldly. "Wait at home to hear from me. As long as you behave yourself, there’ll be lots of money waiting for you. Otherwise…"

Ah? She wanted to contact him again? Hadn’t he already given everything to her? Shouldn't their paths no longer cross anymore? Why was he still being badgered? He didn't want money! He wanted his life more!

Zhang Qiang had a lot of bitter complaints, but could only thank her profusely as he saw her off.

Downstairs, Ning Xi put on her motorbike helmet, started the engine, and drove straight for the Lu residence.

When she arrived, she was an hour earlier than she had arranged with Lu Tingxiao.

When she entered the living room, Lu Tingxiao was still in the same position as when she had left, sitting on the sofa in the living room. It seemed that he hadn’t moved at all.

Ning Xi didn’t think too much about it, and immediately asked, "Lu Tingxiao, I’m back! Has darling Little Treasure woken up?"


"Ohh, that’s good, I'll go upstairs to see him!"

"Wait." Lu Tingxiao suddenly stopped her.

"Eh, what's wrong?" Ning Xi somehow felt that there seemed to be something off in Lu Tingxiao’s tone.

"Where did you go?" Lu Tingxiao's tone was calm, but it gave her the impression that it was hiding some dark undercurrent.

Ning Xi was subconsciously aware of the danger, so she replied in a rush, "I went to deal with a private matter, it has now been solved! I’m going upstairs first!"

After saying these words, she was about to slip away when suddenly one arm stretched out, and in the next second, she was caught off guard by a strong strength that pulled her to fall onto the sofa.

To be exact, she fell into Lu Tingxiao’s arms.

Ning Xi was alarmed. But what alarmed her even more was: "Lu Tingxiao! You, you… what are you doing? Where is your hand touching!"

Lu Tingxiao ignored her completely, and continued to directly feel about her body.

"Hey, if you continue like this, I'm going to fight back! Don't blame me for hurting you then!"

"Then do it."

Ning Xi was about to have a breakdown. "Shit! Lu Tingxiao! What are you trying to do? How did you know I can't hurt you?

Lu Tingxiao stared at her expressionlessly: "Why can't you hurt me?"

"I… because…"

That’s right! Why? If it was anyone else, her first reaction would surely have been to beat him up badly…

As Ning Xi racked her brain for an answer to this question, Lu Tingxiao’s hand fell on an object tucked into her waistband.

Ning Xi’s eyes immediately turned cold. She was going to stop him, but it was already too late. The gun hidden at the back in the waistband of her pants was instantly in Lu Tingxiao's hand.

Lu Tingxiao threw the gun directly onto the coffee table in front of him. His expression, which was usually very soft for her, was now as cold as ice and frost, and every word coming out of his mouth was like an ice blade: "Explain."

Ning Xi immediately felt nervous, as if she had been caught cheating in an exam by the teacher. Her face turned pale and she wrung her hands together as she tried to put on a relaxed expression. "Hehe, this is fake! A toy gun! I bought it to play around with!"

"Really? Does a toy gun need a muffler?" Lu Tingxiao looked sideways at her, picked up the gun, and fired it at a palm-sized, white jade vase in an opposite corner.

The vase shattered immediately.

The calm expression that Ning Xi had been trying hard to keep on her face shared the same fate as that broken vase… it also broke…


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