Hidden Marriage
126 Love You More Every Day
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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126 Love You More Every Day

After a while, Ning Xi went downstairs after washing up, and greeted Little Bun as usual. "Hi darling, morning!"

But Little Bun ignored her, and even turned his face away.

Ning Xi: "Uh…"

Lu Tingxiao had been reading the newspaper at the table. Seeing this surprising situation, he raised an eyebrow and looked at Ning Xi questioningly. "Did the two of you quarrel?"

That was really rare.

Ning Xi rubbed her nose. "Little Treasure just advised me to give up drinking, and I told him that drinking actually has a lot of benefits. Then he got angry…"

So that was it. Lu Tingxiao nodded understandingly.

Ning Xi had a flash of inspiration, and instantly looked for an ally. "Lu Tingxiao, can you tell Little Treasure, there are a lot of benefits to drinking, right?"

She assumed that Lu Tingxiao would also need to drink at the social engagements which he attended regularly, so he would definitely stand on her side.

Lu Tingxiao looked at an expectant Ning Xi on his right, and at his son’s angry expression on his left, and coughed into his fist. "Drinking is indeed beneficial…"

Immediately, Ning Xi was so excited that she slapped her thigh. "Little Bun, see, what I said wasn’t wrong!"

Little Bun instantly cast an extremely contemptuous look at his dad. He was the one who proposed it last night, yet he had switched sides the moment Auntie Xiao Xi asked for his help.

He had no principles whatsoever!

Noticing his son looking at him like he was a traitor, Lu Tingxiao couldn’t help laughing, and he continued speaking. "However, the harm far outweighs the benefits. Besides, it is only beneficial in moderation. So unless it’s particularly difficult to avoid, it’s better to drink less if possible."

With these words, he also added, "Recently, I’ve started to abstain from drinking."

As he finished speaking, Ning Xi instantly showed a listless expression as she bent over the table. "Lord Boss, we were supposed to be allies…"

After a long while, she finally accepted the fact that Big Bun and Little Bun were in an alliance together, and raised her hands in surrender. "Alright, alright, I got it. From now on, if I can drink less, I’ll drink as little as possible. No showing off, no drinking competitions, no drinking non-stop! Can you forgive me now, darling?"

Little Treasure looked carefully at her expression to determine that she was sincere before he finally nodded. Then he reached out a hand that had filled out a fair bit recently to rub her head gently, mimicking her usual way of encouraging him, as if he was saying that she was a good kid like this.

Ning Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But beyond that, her heart was filled with warmth from his care and concern. She hugged Little Bun and kissed him with a muah. "Darling, you’re so cute even when you’re angry. What do I do, I simply love you a little more every day!"

Little Treasure’s eyes shone brightly, and he was very happy.

Opposite them, Lu Tingxiao who suffered abuse every day: "…"

For the thing his son could obtain as long as he acted cute and adorable, he had to plan deliberately, work assiduously and overcome the eighty-one calamities 1 …

Chairman of the Board’s office at Feng Rui Real Estate.

Zhu Xiangcheng’s fierce-looking face trembled as he banged the table and stood up. "This is impossible, we’ve always done things this way and Lu Corporation has never complained. Why is there a problem this time?"

The manager also looked very anxious. "It may be because of recent changes in Lu Corporation’s policy, and they’re stricter now about quality control. This matter all depends on what Lu Corporation has to say. If they turn a blind eye to it, we’ll pass, but if they get serious, then it comes down to our problem with quality control, and we would be the ones breaking the contract…"

Irritated, Zhu Xiangcheng paced back and forth . "Then what should we do now?"

"I heard that it was Lu Tingxiao who personally gave the order to reject the arrangement, so it seems we can only solve this by approaching the man himself…" The manager mused.

When Zhu Xiangcheng heard this, he became even more irritated. "Lu Tingxiao that person won’t be persuaded or coerced Money and women won’t work on him. Trying to approach him is just a dead end! No… wait… women… maybe there is someone who can…" The ‘eighty-one calamities’ refer to the eighty-one dangers or trials which the monk Tripitika and his disciples underwent in the Chinese classic novel <Journey to the West>.


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