Hidden Marriage
110 You Can Become a Groom Straightaway
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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110 You Can Become a Groom Straightaway

Ning Xi said sullenly, "Lu Tingxiao, are we really going to talk in this kind of position? Why don’t you put some clothes on first?"

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to focus on the issue!

"Fine." Lu Tingxiao finally said behind her.

It was as if Ning Xi had been given a pardon, and she hurriedly fled the room.

Sigh, Lu Tingxiao was certainly a natural public speaker. In a few words, he had managed to pull at her heartstrings, especially when it was related to Little Treasure.

It was just that if she continued to stay here, and for three more months at that, she was afraid that it really would be a little inappropriate… 

As she was debating the issue, she suddenly felt something soft on her leg. Looking down, she saw it was Little Treasure, who had come running without her noticing. As usual, he hugged her leg, and in one hand he held a painting.

Ning Xi bent to hug the little guy. "Darling, you’ve finished drawing?"

Little Treasure nodded.

"What did you draw? Can Auntie see it?"

Little Treasure instantly gave her the picture.

With one look, Ning Xi’s eyes filled with tears.

It was her in the picture.

The colors in the painting were bright and dreamy. She was lying on a small bed with a storybook in her hand. Little Treasure had drawn it from his point of view, as if he was lying next to her and looking up.

The whole painting radiated Little Treasure’s happiness and satisfaction at being glued to her side as he lifted his head to listen to her tell him a story.

"Darling, this is amazing!" The scales in Ning Xi’s heart had completely tipped to one side.

She drew a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she kissed the little guy on his forehead and said happily, "Auntie bought you new clothes, do you want to try it on?"

Little Treasure nodded with sparkles in his eyes.

After Ning Xi helped Little Treasure change and was just about to look for Lu Tingxiao, Lu Tingxiao walked out of his room after also getting changed.

Ning Xi had been confident with the outfit she had picked out for Little Treasure, but she hadn’t been as certain with Lu Tingxiao’s outfit. After all, she had never seen Lu Tingxiao wear anything that was not black, white or grey, let alone a vibrant color like sapphire blue.

But after seeing Lu Tingxiao in the outfit, she was completely dumbstruck.

This… this fit him too perfectly…

At first she had thought it might look too out-of-place or awkward; she never expected such an amazing result.The suit showed off his wide shoulders, narrow hip and long legs perfectly. Most importantly, his heavy and solemn temperament had instantly become brighter, and even made him look a lot younger.

Lu Tingxiao was pleased by the admiration in the girl’s eyes. "So?"

Ning Xi nodded, "So handsome! Pin a big red flower to your chest, and you can become a groom straightaway!"

Lu Tingxiao:"…" The way this girl praised people was really unique.

"Little Treasure, don't you think so? Isn't your papa handsome?" Ning Xi lowered her head to ask the little bun, who was a mini-version of Lu Tingxiao.

Even though Little Treasure didn't care too much for his dad, he had to admit that this version of his daddy looked much better than the normally black one, so he nodded generously.

Ning Xi was instantly pleased with herself, and she snapped her fingers, "I never realized my eye was that good! Of course, CEO Lu already has a good foundation, you look handsome in anything! But I think you should wear bright colors like this more often, it’ll lift your employees’ moods, and they’ll become more productive!"

Hearing the words "good foundation" and "you look handsome in anything", Lu Tingxiao couldn’t help curling his lips. "Mm, in the future, if you see anything else suitable, buy it for me."


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