Hidden Marriage
88 A Tyrannical Flower
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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88 A Tyrannical Flower

The frenzied fans at the scene were stunned when they saw this, and Amy was also scared witless.

With a pale face, Ning Xi’s cold gaze swept over the fans. "If you want to make trouble, come at me, don't hurt innocent bystanders."

"You... stop being so hypocritical!"

"Yeah! Stop pretending to be a good person! You're such a shameless fox!"

Ning Xi's eyes became sharper: "What are you using to decide whether I am a good or bad person? An unsubstantiated Weibo post? Or a groundless rumor? You’re young, but I hope you can use your brain before you act. Idols are the ones who have to pay for their fans’ behavior, what you say or do represents your idol. Don't let someone else use you without your knowing, otherwise you’ll tarnish your idol’s reputation for no reason!"

Ning Xi knew that they wouldn’t listen to whatever she said at the moment, except when it was related to the idol they cared about.

"How is it your place to lecture us!"

"Actually, I think she has a point… the person who threw the rock just now, come out! Didn't we already agree that we’re not allowed to use violence, and at the most just eggs?"

"Yeah! Who was it?! We’re here for justice, not to tarnish Muye’s reputation!"

The rioting fans had calmed down for the moment, and Ning Xi finally squeezed her way into the filming site.

When Guo Qisheng saw that she had come, he hurriedly called her into the lounge. "Ning Xi, you’re here! Come and sit down!"

"Director Guo, I’m sorry for causing the production team trouble…" Ning Xi's face was full of guilt, and she bowed deeply.

Looking at the girl's haggard appearance, Guo Qisheng quickly consoled her. "The one who stirred up trouble wasn’t you, it was someone who doesn’t understand you, I’m very clear on this. Saying that you can’t act, that is simply rubbish! As for saying... cough, saying that you slept with members of the production team… how can I not understand, as an involved party? I’ve seen this kind of thing happen a lot, I am clear in my heart on who is right or wrong!"

"Thank you, Director." She really appreciated that Guo Qisheng could still stand by her at this time.

"But this really has been too hard on you, you look so haggard. How about you take a few days off and have a good rest?" Guo Qisheng suggested.

Ning Xi immediately said, "No need! Director, I would like to continue filming! The film crew has already suffered a lot because of my matter, if filming is slowed down because of me, I wouldn’t be able to absolve myself of the guilt even if I die a thousand times!"

Seeing her resolute attitude, Guo Qisheng was satisfied. "Well, alright! But if you can't go on, you must tell me!"

After parting with the director, Ning Xi was suddenly pulled by a strong force into an empty corner.

The man's face was so anxious that even his golden hair looked listless. "Ning Xi, is your arm okay?"

"A minor injury, I’ve dealt with it." Ning Xi didn't care.

Jiang Muye was irritated. "I was going to make a statement to explain the situation to my fans, but Brother Ming changed my Weibo password to prevent me from logging in, and said that I would be doing you more harm than good if I stepped out now…"

Ning Xi patted her chest with a happy expression: "Luckily Brother Ming is intelligent."

Jiang Muye instantly looked hurt. "Woman with no conscience, I was going to help you!"

NingXi said with resignation. "If you really want to help me, then I’ll give you a warning ahead of time. Later, I’m going to pretend to be a little white flower, cooperate with me. Don’t go overboard, otherwise don't blame me if I really cut all ties with you!"

Jiang Muye dug out his ears and made an incredulous expression. "What did you say you were going to pretend to be?"

"A little white flower, got a problem with that?"

"Are you sure that a tyrannical flower like you can accomplish such a difficult challenge?"

"Get lost!"


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