Hidden Marriage
62 Kiss Me Here
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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62 Kiss Me Here

Inside the black RV.

"Good grandson, you know where granny lives?"

"Ning Xi, try calling me grandson one more time?"

"Grand… son~! I just did, so what?"

"I… I’m going to kill you!"

"Do it! I thought you’d never do it!"

"Ah! You damn woman, you actually hit me for real!"

The back of the car rocked with banging sounds. Lei Ming, who was driving, was lost for words. "Muye, I already told you, you can’t outwit her, but you didn’t believe me, and now? Tomorrow’s headline is not going to be about getting picked up by beautiful ladies at the airport, but by an old granny…"

His arm pinned behind his back by Ning Xi, Jiang Muye said angrily, "Shut up!"

Lei Ming watched the progress of the battle in the rearview mirror. Though there were black lines all over his head, the corner of his mouth twitched. "Ning Xi, can you be a little gentler with him? I’m begging you! He still has a film, a commercial and a magazine cover to shoot this month…"

"Got it, Brother Ming, I won't hit his face… be still!"

The handsome confidence and high spirits that Jiang Muye had had at the airport were long gone; now he was pressed into the back seat with his hands handcuffed, looking remarkably like he had just been ravaged. 

"Ning Xi… you forced me to do this…"

Ning Xi was happily hitting him, when Jiang Muye suddenly caught her off guard by locking his handcuffed hands behind her neck, then pulling her down…

Seeing his face suddenly so close, Ning Xi backed away subconsciously, and put on a careless smile. "What, you can’t beat me in a fight, so you’re using a beauty trap now?"

Just before their lips met, Jiang Muye suddenly turned his head. "Ergh…"

"Hahaha…" Ning Xi laughed so hard that she had gripped her stomach and rolled around. "Come, come! Dearest, kiss me here! Isn't granny’s makeup pretty today?"

Looking at the wrinkles and pockmarks on Ning Xi’s face, Jiang Muye lay there like a dead fish and didn't have any will to live.

Ning Xi finally finished laughing, and she gasped for breath as she sat up. "What, are you really angry? Who asked you to set me up first! Am I not allowed to take revenge?"

"Asshole, we haven’t seen each other for so long, didn’t you miss me even a little bit? The first thing you actually did was to beat me up!" Jiang Muye stared at her angrily, but there was a trace of hurt in his eyes.

Ning Xi laughed. "Of course I missed you. I told you at the airport, granny missed you a lot!"

"…" In order not to die from anger, Jiang Muye finally stopped trying to communicate with her, and raised his handcuffed hands as he said furiously, "Hurry up and get these off, where the hell did you get these handcuffs? They’re forbidden in China!"

Ning Xi touched her chin. "This, I got them from a sex shop on TaoBao! 20% off, it was only $9.90!"

Jiang Muye: "…"

Lei Ming: "…"

Worried they would start fighting again, Lei Ming hurriedly switched the topic. "I’ve gotten rid of the reporters and fans, where to next?"

Jiang Muye took out a small mirror and started fixing his hair. He didn't even raise his head as he answered, "To my villa in the outskirts."

Ning Xi instantly lifted herself up. "Then drop me off on the roadside, I’ll take a cab back myself!"

"Heh, you think you can run away tonight? Let’s see where you can run!"Jiang Muye gritted his teeth with an evil expression, and locked the car doors.

"…"Ning Xi’s head was covered in black lines. she knew this would happen.

On their way, the further they traveled, the more Ning Xi felt something was not right; why was this direction so familiar?"

"Tycoon Jiang, you have property in B City? Might it be at the Platinum Palace, by any chance?" Ning Xi tested by asking.

Jiang Muye humphed. "It is, so what? It’s too late for you to hug my thigh now! Unless you call me grandpa!"

At this moment, Ning Xi was feeling a little despondent.

What was this coincidence, that Jiang Muye’s villa was at Platinum Palace too?

For some reason, the the "du du du" sound of an alarm started to play in her head, giving her a bad feeling that something terrible was going to happen…


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