Hidden Marriage
53 Did I Please You?
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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53 Did I Please You?

Ning Xi froze in an awkward position, her bra half-out; she couldn’t pull it fully out or put it back on. It was the most miserable situation ever.

The worse thing was that the bra she was wearing today was custom-made, with the triangular Superman logo printed conspicuously on each side.

Lu Tingxiao obviously noticed the Superman print, and raised his eyebrows slightly. But being the gentleman he was, he didn't make a big deal out of it, just coughed and said, "Sorry… the door was open, so…"

He started backing out of the room.

"No worries, my fault, I didn't close the door!" Ning Xi pulled her bra out as she answered, like nothing had happened, and hid it under the covers. She fanned herself with her hands. " Keh, it’s steaming today, you men would never understand this kind of girl trouble. That, did you need something?"

"Why are you back so late? Had a date?" Lu Tingxiao asked casually.

"What date! I ran into a real jerk, and talked trash for a bit," Ning Xi grumbled, like she had been very unlucky.

Lu Tingxiao relaxed after hearing her absolute denial about going on a date. "I saved some food for you, take a shower and come eat."

"I can look after my own meals…" Ning Xi felt a bit embarrassed.

"It’s just one more person."

"Um, alright."

As soon as Lu Tingxiao left,Ning Xi locked the door.

The one time she forgot she wasn’t in her own home, Ning Xi actually made such an embarrassing mistake.She needed to pay more attention from now on.

After a shower and dinner, Ning Xi made herself comfortable in bed and started to browse the news online, while Little Bun was at the table with a thick book.

"Ning Xueluo expressed her affection for her handsome, rich boyfriend in public, award-winning actor Zhao couldn't hide his jealousy"

"Ning Xueluo praised Ning Xi as the perfect combination of beauty and talent"

"Ning Xi - No.1 Beauty in the entertainment industry"

"Meng Changge looking stunning at the opening ceremony of <The World> (Images)"

"First day of filming for <The World>, Ning Xueluo’s handsome rich boyfriend paid her a loving visit"

"Breaking down the number of upcoming actress Ning Xi’s wealthy admirers, red roses piled up on set on the first day of filming (Photos)"


It was all normal headlines, but they gradually turned strange, like, "Ning Xi - a secret mistress", "Who’s the money guy behind Ning Xi?", "Ning Xi and her multiple men", "Ning Xi’s personal life is a mess"…

Ning Xi had already been prepared back at the film studio, so she wasn't too upset at seeing these.

She knew that even if the incidents with Jiang Muye and YS hadn’t happened, sooner or later there would have been gossip about her public image anyway.

These tabloids used ambiguous wording and had no supporting evidence, but when repeated enough, people might buy into them eventually, regardless of whether they were true or not.

"Need help?"Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi sat up with the lap-top in her arms, cradled her jaw and laughed."Big Boss Lu, you want to make this go away for me?"

"Can’t I?" Lu Tingxiao handed her and Little Treasure each a cup of milk. "Yours is low fat."

"Thanks!" Flattered, Ning Xi accepted the cup, and then said, "Thank you for your consideration, but it’s unnecessary, I believe time will prove everything."

"I believe you," Lu Tingxiao said.

His words stunned Ning Xi, and she touched her forehead helplessly. "Lu Tingxiao, has anyone ever told you that you are really good at Liao Mei 1 ?"

" Liao Mei ?" Lu Tingxiao looked suspicious; obviously he didn’t know what this Internet term meant.

"Mm… it means that you know how to hit on girls!" Ning Xi explained.

There was a smile in Lu Tingxiao’s eyes. "Thank you for the compliment. So does this mean that I actually pleased you?"

With that, the atmosphere turned intimate.

Ning Xi blushed, regretting what she had said. —Watch what you say! It’s led to such a dangerous topic!

Luckily, Lu Tingxiao knew when to stop. "I’m going to go through some documents in my study, you two rest well, good night."

Ning Xi: "Good night~"

Little Treasure: "…"

Though Little Bun didn't say anything,"Hurry up and leave, don’t disturb my time with Auntie Xiao Xi" was written all over his face. 'Liao Mei' is a Chinese slang that literally means ‘to tease a girl’.


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