Hidden Marriage
25 So Just Like That They Now Live Together?
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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25 So Just Like That They Now Live Together?


Ning Xi tugged on her hair nervously. "This… isn’t this too inappropriate? If Little Treasure wants to see me, I can come anytime to visit him!"

Lu Tingxiao appeared tired as he rubbed his forehead. "There are too many unpredictable factors involved here. Especially if at night there was an emergency situation, it would be too dangerous for you to speed over here again. Because of my position, it’s not convenient to keep taking Little Treasure over to see you. I know this is a troublesome request, but I’m still asking this as Little Treasure’s father. I hope you can agree to it."

Ning Xi’s head hurt.

If Lu Tingxiao had tried to use his power to forcibly ask this of her, she would have outright rejected him and then left, but he was asking so earnestly, with no thought at all to his own identity and position. Not to mention, faced with such supreme beauty, how was it possible to say no!

Standing on the side, Lu Jingli stared intently at his brother.


Who knew his brother could use such a high-end technique, turning a disadvantage into an advantage that would take out all obstacles on the path to winning Ning Xi over.

Little Treasure’s existence was no longer his weakness, but now his biggest advantage.

Suddenly there was a loud bang. Little Treasure had jumped off the bed in fright, knocking the bedside lamp over.

When he saw Ning Xi, the fear in the kid’s eyes eased, and he shot like an arrow towards her.

The intense fear in those eyes would twist the heart of anyone who saw it.

Ning Xi quickly bent down. "Darling, why are you awake?"

The little guy rested his head against her and his small arms hugged her tightly around the neck, not letting go.

"It’s okay, Auntie is here. Don’t be scared, don’t be scared…" Ning Xi lightly patted his back. She could smell a sweet milk scent on him, and her emotions became a little complicated.

She actually avoided getting close with children, so why couldn’t she bring herself to dislike it when it came to Little Treasure?

Ning Xi coaxed Little Treasure to sleep once more before closing the bedroom door softly and coming out.

She noticed that the mess in the living room downstairs had already been cleaned up by the servants.

As expected of servants of the Lu family; not only were they efficient, they were also well-trained. They all knew of and were curious to death about Ning Xi’s visit; still, no one gave her a second glance or dared speak a word of gossip. They only went about their business and left quietly.

Lu Tingxiao noticed she had come out, but didn’t say a word to pressure her. He only silently looked at her.

Ning Xi was hesitant. She thought of the expression Little Treasure had made when he wouldn’t let go of her sleeve, and finally she gave in to her feelings. She breathed in deeply before letting it out. "Alright, Mister Lu. I’ll agree to your request. Consider it me paying Little Treasure back for saving me last time."

Lu Tingxiao visibly relaxed. "Thank you."

"Little Treasure could wake up at any time, so it looks like I won’t be leaving tonight, but all my things are at my apartment…" Ning Xi was troubled.

"That won’t be a problem, I’ll have someone go fetch them for you," Lu Tingxiao said, and then ordered the butler to head out.

Lu Jingli, who hadn’t said a single word throughout, was stunned at how quickly the situation had escalated.

So… so just like that they were now living together?

"Did you still need something?" Lu Tingxiao glanced at Lu Jingli.

"I’m leaving now!" The third wheel who was discarded by his own brother quickly left.

He had thought that Ning Xi was fierce, but his brother was no weakling either.

He finally realized that his brother wasn’t clueless when it came to chasing girls. It was just that for the past 32 years, he had simply never let himself go…

Lu Tingxiao showed Ning Xi to a room next to Little Treasure’s. "From now on, you can stay in here. I’ll find someone to come redecorate it in whatever style you like."

Ning Xi waved her hands in protest. "No need, no need. I’ll only be living here for a few days, it’s not like it’s permanent. Redecorating is too troublesome!"

"It’s not troublesome."

Lu Tingxiao took a large set of keys from the butler and handed them to her. "These are the keys to the house. You can come and go as you like. The main entrance uses a passcode, 591414. This is the key to the attic, you should keep it with you since it’s Little Treasure’s favorite hiding place, so he likes to steal it. This is…"

Seeing that Lu Tingxiao was about to give her the key to the safe in his home, Ning Xi cut him off. "Wait wait wait wait… Mister Lu, you’re being a bit too carefree! Aren’t you scared I’ll rob you?"

"What do you want? I’ll find someone to help you move it." Lu Tingxiao seemed completely serious; he didn’t look like he was joking at all.


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