Hidden Marriage
2039 Rainbow Feathers
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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2039 Rainbow Feathers

Ning Xueluo did not look very pleased, but her expression soon turned mocking.

Who knows what she had done to get here?

She was the so-called top star of China, after all, so she was supposed to do these things.

She was obviously unqualified yet she still forced herself here. While she could deceive the ignorant fans, the people in the industry could tell something was off.

On the stage, the host announced the start of fashion week and everyone focused on the T-stage.

All the big brands brought out their new releases for the summer and it was a grand feast for the eyes.

The audiences in the streaming sites were impressed. At the same time, they were looking forward to the appearance of the Chinese brands.

"When's History's turn?! I'm really excited!"

"I took a look at the schedule. It's today and there's also MOON from China too!"

"MOON is alright, but it doesn't really carry a unique Chinese style. I still like History better!"

"I heard that Spirit is in too!"

"Huh! You mean the one that's been following History's style?"

In fashion week every year, the brands that represented their country held a certain amount of influence in their own country. To be able to represent a whole nation, the designers needed to be at the top level within the country.

They could only receive official invitations after the assessment of the judges.

There were three brands from China that passed the assessment. One was the brand MOON under Qu Guanyang, also known as the top designer in China, one was History, and the other one was Spirit.

Qu Guanyang was the first Chinese designer to receive attention on an international stage. However, his style was more catered towards the taste of international audiences. History was the first brand to demonstrate the beauty of Chinese element in fashion.

In the beginning, Spirit was still on par with History, but after a year of inactivity, not only internationally, they had even almost vanished in China. Now, it was slowly returning to the market with the two recent series.

Unfortunately, Spirit was assumed to just be the side dish of the show, or even thought to be a brand chasing after History's style. It stood shrouded under the tall and dark shadow of History.

It was normal that in this industry, everyone only remembered the first place.

All the fans and fashion hobbyists from China, who were watching the live stream, were waiting for brands from their country to appear, including overseas professionals who were interested in the growth of Chinese fashion.

After Qu Guanyang's MOON finished, the name "History" appeared on the big screen.

Everyone focused on the stage. Even the Fashion Guru Adam straightened his back and focused intently.

With the sound of zither music, models appeared donning History's garments.

When the first model walked out, she took everyone's breaths away.

They were absolutely beautiful!

The zen vibe from the traditional culture of China was expressed thoroughly. Each and every garment gave off the vibe of a strong Oriental flavor.

Each thread and each embroidery... None of them failed to present the beauty of the Chinese element.

Most importantly, these Rainbow Feathers showed the world of the ancient wisdom of China. K'o-ssu, Su embroidery, and Gold embroidery were all traditional crafts.


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