Hidden Marriage
2005 Scandal“s Hero and Heroine
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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2005 Scandal“s Hero and Heroine

Chapter 2005: Scandal's Hero and Heroine
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

[Ning Xi's idiotic fans, are you guys deaf? The wife has already said herself that back then, Ning Xi had been adoring and lusting after Su Yan. She's been conspiring to go after Su Yan! If these two people don't have any secrets between them, why would Su Yan suddenly push his wife out of the company? In fact, the first thing he does after taking over is to poach Ning Xi.]

[Who's the one deaf here!? I think some people aren't just blind. In fact, they're brainless! Ning Xueluo already said herself that it's because she's pregnant. So, to let her rest at ease, Su Yan let her step down from Starlight!

The poaching thing was only brought up by Han Zixuan herself. How do we know that Han Zixuan wasn't intentionally inciting things and wanting to get Ning Xueluo to help her go against Ning Xi?

Our Bro Xi is clearly staying in Glory World perfectly all right. Her work recently has been coming in non-stop!]

[Han Zixuan's been crushed by our Bro Xi so tragically. Clearly, she can't win, so she just started to hinder her behind her back! Otherwise, why would she meet up with Ning Xueluo and even specially record that in secret? Obviously, she was prepared from the start! How can you trust the words of someone like this?]

[Our Bro Xi has been slandered since she made her debut. She's seen too much of such lowly tricks!]


A certain high-end villa in Imperial.

When Han Zixuan saw those comments online questioning the matter, hostility and ridicule filled her eyes. "It's already gone to this extent, yet they're still trying to justify it!"

On the side, Zheng Anru said delightedly, "This time, they're toast! Ning Xi definitely doesn't know that we have even more shocking revelations with us! Zixuan, let's post the things right now! When the evidence is posted, we'll see what else they have to say!"

Han Zixuan grinned as she happily painted her nails and said unhurriedly, "What are you rushing for? Let them jump around for a little while more. The more they're defending Ning Xi now, the more disappointed they'll be when they find out the truth."

This time, their luck was just amazing. Not only did they get such a huge handle on Ning Xi from Ning Xueluo, they had even caught a video that would consign Ning Xi to eternal damnation.

Zheng Anru immediately nodded excitedly. "Right! When that happens, all of the fans will turn ugly! When I think about the way she'll be berated by her own fans, it feels so good, it's almost orgasmic!"


That night, the two parties' fight reached a climax.

The other parties' astroturfers were everywhere. Even though Ning Xi's fans were not as many as the astroturfers, but they had a strong fighting spirit. When it reached nightfall, they had even faintly suppressed quite a number of the opposition.

It was at this moment when Han Zixuan posted another Weibo.

[Initially, I really couldn't watch how a certain someone was behaving so shamelessly. I didn't want innocent people to be hurt, but I didn't think that it would raise so many malicious assumptions! Even a passerby wouldn't be able to stand a certain someone's disgusting manners. I've just received an anonymous email about the truth. May everyone make their own judgement!]

This Weibo was attached with a few more photos.

The photo clearly showed the address as a certain luxurious hotel in Imperial. Not too far away, one could vaguely see YLD's logo. The banquet hall was filled with elegant clothes and gorgeous hair with wine goblets and gambling chips intertwined. It seemed to be YLD's fashion banquet.

In the garden behind the banquet hall, on the swing sat a woman, and beside her was a man.

Even though it was at night and the lights were dim, from this angle of the photo, one could clearly see the two people's faces.

These two were, to everyone's bewilderment, the scandal's hero and heroine, Ning Xi and Su Yan!


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