Hidden Marriage
1969 Brought Your Cameo
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1969 Brought Your Cameo

Chapter 1969: Brought Your Cameo
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When they saw Han Zixuan appear, all of the media swarmed over.

Zheng Anru had an arrogant smile on her face as she answered the media, "First of all, it's because of Zixuan's super strong acting capabilities. Secondly, the role fits her perfectly. Plus her A-lister popularity, Zixuan's getting a role in 'Assassin' is only natural when the conditions are right. In fact, it went very smoothly."

The reporter asked again, "Then, may we ask what kind of role is Ms. Han Zixuan playing in 'Assassin'?"

Another reporter questioned, "We all known that 'Assassin' has been revered as a sacred movie that cannot be surpassed in Hollywood. I wonder if Ms. Han Zixuan has ever felt pressured?"

Zheng Anru said, "Zixuan knows the movie very well. She has done a lot of homework and has even temporarily put aside her work with 'The World' in order to focus on acting in this movie well. We daren't talk about surpassing those before us, but we'll definitely give our best and let this role shine to reveal its brilliance.

"As for the character, even though there aren't many scenes, everyone should know that even for a normal Hollywood movie, to land a role is already extremely hard, especially for a sacred classic such as 'Assassin'. The fact that Zixuan could get this role, and especially that she gets to act with King Weir and Lilian, who are such great actors and actresses of Hollywood, it's already something to be proud of."

"Right, we heard that Ms. Ning Xi seemed to have attended the audition for 'Assassin', but Glory World Entertainment had yet to reveal anything. I wonder if Starlight Entertainment has any insider information?" A certain female report quickly seized the opportunity to ask.

When Ning Xi was mentioned, Zheng Anru smiled with a flash of disdain in her eyes, then she said plainly, "Regarding news about Glory World Entertainment and Ning Xi, we Starlight Entertainment aren't clear and we don't know anything.

"However, the movie's main characters have long been decided upon, and Glory World Entertainment hasn't revealed anything, so I think you guys can figure it out. Besides, with such a sacred classic being remade, under usual circumstances, Hollywood will only use one actor from China for a role at most. Since Zixuan's already succeeded in getting in..."

Even though Zheng Anru did not say it explicitly, what she tried to imply was clearly very obvious.

Ning Xi had probably failed her audition, and even more possibly, both the latest A-listers in the country, Ning Xi and Han Zixuan, had fought for the same role, but in the end, Han Zixuan had emerged as the winner while Ning Xi had failed.

One of the reporters caught onto the main point and immediately asked, "'Assassin' has King Weir as the male lead and Lilian as the female lead. Other roles are relatively transparent too. If Hollywood only chooses one role from China this time, that would that mean that Ms. Ning Xi and Ms. Han Zixuan fought for the same role, and in the end, Ms. Han Zixuan won, didn't she?"

Zheng Anru smiled slightly. "Well, we're not too sure. However, the process didn't seem not too important. The result is that Zixuan is acting in 'Assassin'."

Even though Zheng Anru did not say it outright, her words were already very clear. All of the reporters looked like they understood too.

As they spoke, Xu Tao brought a few assistants over and appeared with Ning Xi.

"Aye!" Xu Tao saw Zheng Anru and called out, "Manager Zheng, did you bring your cameo to win an honor for Starlight today?"

When she saw Xu Tao and Ning Xi suddenly appear there, Zheng Anru instantly sneered. "Why? Have you brought your outdated female artiste who couldn't even get a cameo role here to feel a pinch of existence and get some exposure?"


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