Hidden Marriage
1968 Face Would Be Slapped Swollen
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1968 Face Would Be Slapped Swollen

Chapter 1968: Face Would Be Slapped Swollen
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"You and Jace know each other?" Jiang Muye was shocked.

Ning Xi had just entered the industry for a short time. Even if it were the most famous artiste in the country right now, there was no way they would know Jace.

"How could I know him? I only met him when I went for the audition, but we kind of hit it off when we chatted and he decided on my character there and then," said Ning Xi.

"Audition? Ahh, right, I haven't asked you what's your role yet!" Jiang Muye exclaimed.

"Assassin," retorted Ning Xi.

Jiang Muye instantly gaped in shock. "Don't tell me that you're playing the female lead, Anna?"

Ning Xi expected that Jiang Muye would react like this. She held her chin with a hazy look in her eyes. "I felt like I was dreaming too... I heard that they had initially decided on Lilian internally..."

Jiang Muye did not know what to say anymore.

Such a classic Hollywood movie such as "Assassin" would use a Chinese female star to play the female lead?!

Something like this had never happened before.

Forget about "Assassin", even if it was just a normal Hollywood movie, there were very scarce important roles that would be given to Chinese artistes.

Especially knowing that Ning Xi had replaced Lilian, Jiang Muye surrendered himself in admiration.

Lilian was currently Hollywood's youngest persona who was a great actress. She was also one of the hottest artistes in Hollywood and her status went without saying. The big shots in "Assassin" had initially decided on Lilian to be the female lead, yet Ning Xi had now replaced her. In fact, it had been decided by his super idol, Jace...

Jiang Muye raised his brows with a subtle expression. "Tsk, Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru's people have been bragging with great fanfare, saying that Han Zixuan has successfully joined the 'Assassin' filming crew and will even act in the movie. I'm afraid that they wouldn't have dreamt that you'd be the female lead in 'Assassin' now!"

This time, Zheng Anru and Han Zixuan's faces would probably be slapped swollen by Ning Xi.

"Mission complete! I'm leaving. If you need a female outfit, you can look for me!" Ning Xi smirked happily.

When he thought about wearing a female outfit, Jiang Muye's excitement instantly turned incredibly dour.

Bloody hell, why did he still feel like he had been tricked?

After leaving the villa, Ning Xi drove back to Deer Town.

When she thought about those few days of being with the tiger, Ning Xi's heart was about to melt.

Thus, she could not help but call Han Xiao in hopes that he would bring the tiger over for her to stroke.

Sadly, Han Xiao's phone was switched off, so she could not get through.

The Master did indeed appear and disappear unpredictably...


A week later, almost all of the well-known entertainment media in the country had rushed to a certain shooting location for "Assassin" in Imperial.

Today the film crew was hosting a press conference to announce their decision on the actors for the respective roles.

China's super A-list female star, Han Zixuan, had successfully made it into the "Assassin" team and was even acting in the movie. Naturally, all the media wanted to get first-hand information and interview her along the way.

At the temporary base of the movie, King Weir appeared for the first time.

He wore a black tuxedo, which complemented his lean figure very well.

"King Weir!"

"Oh my God, he's so handsome!"

When they saw King Weir himself, many of the media were instantly bowled over him.

King Weir himself was even more dashing in person than on camera.

After he came out to greet everyone, he left quickly.

After that, Lilian and some of the other top actors in Hollywood came out to show their faces too. They politely answered a few questions from the Chinese media before returning to the crew.

About half an hour later, Han Zixuan had brought two assistants along, and with Zheng Anru, they appeared within the media's line of sight.

"Ms. Han Zixuan, may we know how did you manage to get a role in the movie 'Assassin'?"



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