Hidden Marriage
1939 Try Here?
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1939 Try Here?

Chapter 1939: Try Here?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mmm, the devil's surprise... What could it be?

Ning Xi initially wanted to accompany Lu Tingxiao, but because she had been busy for the whole night, she still fell asleep in a daze.

When she woke up, the car was already slowly coming to a stop.

"Mmm, have we reached?" Ning Xi rubbed her eyes.

She was about to open her eyes when suddenly, a pair of warm and wide hands covered them. "Close your eyes first."

Ning Xi was instantly jolted awake. She nodded obediently and her heart started to beat faster.

The car door opened.

She was held by the palm and carefully led as they walked step by step forward.

The ground felt very soft beneath her feet; she was probably stepping on mud.

The air was mixed with the fragrance of plants as the night breeze slightly chilled her. There were swooshes by her ear that sounded somewhat familiar.

Even though her eyes were shut and it was dark before her, but because of the familiar air and temperature around her, she was completely trusting, contentedly feeling everything around her.

It was not sure how long they had walked for when the sensation beneath her feet seemed to change from mud to planks that were put together piece by piece. She also felt like she was being suspended mid air; it was probably a wooden bridge.

"You can open your eyes now," came the man's low voice.

Ning Xi paused her footsteps and slowly opened her eyes, then her dull eyes instantly enlarged.

What she unexpectedly saw was a vast area of lush bamboo forest. Earlier, the swooshing she heard was the sound of the wind rustling against the bamboo forest.

There were fireflies fluttering amidst the bamboo forest, creating a dream-like setting.

Underneath their feet, the river surface mirrored the millions of stars and the reflection of them snuggling up against each other.

In the depths of that bamboo forest, there was a simple courtyard that was currently lit up with a gentle and warm light.

What made her even more shocked was...

This was Chang Chun City. To be exact, it was the bamboo forest in Chang Chun City's Spring Breeze Town!

That night, when she had been drugged and he was talking to her, she had mentioned this bamboo forest.

She said that if she could roll around in bed with her loved one here in the bamboo forest, how romantic it would be.

There had never been any buildings here. That little courtyard was definitely not here before this. Although the fireflies in the bamboo forest had been there, there were very little of them and definitely had not been as many as there were right now.

When had he started to prepare this?

Ning Xi could not describe her current feelings at all.

This man who was always serious, old-fashioned and dull, had because of her, done something he was not comfortable with at all.

"Do you like it?" The man clearly sounded a little nervous.

The instant he said that, lips as gentle as newly bloomed petals covered his thin and cool lips.

Lu Tingxiao's back instantly straightened and his hand that held the girl's waist suddenly tightened. At the same time, he returned the kiss hard.

"When did you begin to prepare this?" Ning Xi asked.

"I can't remember. Some time when you were in the coma," answered Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi's heart was mixed with sour and sweet emotions. "Thank you, I really like it... I really do..."

Lu Tingxiao cleared his throat. "Initially, I was prepared to..."

Even though Lu Tingxiao did not finish, Ning Xi instantly understood.

Her darling would not be willing to wrong her even an inch. He had probably prepared for them to share their first time here after being newly married, yet because of her uniform and her toppling him over when they did in the office first...

Ning Xi laughed lightly. "As long as it's with you, it's the same anywhere actually! We have a lifetime together. We can try many, many places in the future..."

The man pulled her into his embrace. "Mmm."

Ning Xi looked up and blinked with sparkles in her eyes. "Darling, are we going to try it here today?"


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