Hidden Marriage
1910 Phantom
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1910 Phantom

Chapter 1910: Phantom
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The "Night of Starlight" was also the award ceremony of Entertainment's Light.

Not only would it be streamed on the Internet, it would also be aired live on several major broadcast channels.

The ceremony would start at 8p.m. sharp. After four hours, they would announce the total votes of the poll at the end of the show and hand out the awards.

This meant that if they waited until the "Night of Starlight", there would only be four hours left until the deadline.

What could be done in four hours?

It was no wonder that Jiang Muye was worried.

Alas, they could not really do anything else except for a last sprint!

The performance they had decided on beforehand was the classic opera show "The Phantom of The Opera".

The story was about a chain of weird incidents happening in an opera house in Paris. The former lead female character of a popular opera show was almost crushed to death. There was also the constant horrifying laugh of a man echoing through the opera house, which originated from the "ghost" in the underground maze of the opera house.

The "Phantom" in the title of the musical referred to this ghost.

The phantom fell in love with the female actress, Christine, and he taught her to sing in secret. In turn, he helped her to land the role of the female lead, yet Christine fell in love with the handsome and rich manager of the opera house, Raoul. Out of jealousy,the Phantom started a huge massacre and capture of victims.

The ending of the story was Christine reminding the Phantom of his goodness and kindness with a kiss.

The phantom realized that his love for Christine was becoming toxic, so he then let Christine and Raoul go together. Leaving his cape and mask behind, he vanished alone into the underground maze.

It was a beautiful and mysterious opera show which had been adapted into many other forms of medium because it truly was an excellent classic.

Their arrangement this time was to have Ning Xi play Christine, and Jiang Muye as the handsome and rich Raoul. Because the Phantom was a difficult role and no one else from Glory World could handle it, they hired a professional opera performer to help them.

Jiang Muye's headache became worse when he thought about this.

Not only were opera shows highly challenging, it would also require both acting and singing. Even the veterans in the industry might not be able to put up a show worth applauding.

Most importantly, just how many people would be interested in the opera in this era? Nobody would care even if they did well!

They might as well follow the trend, and do a dance or sing a popular song!

However, Ning Xi insisted on it, so he could only go along. Fortunately, he had been in a band before he started his acting career, therefore while it had been a long time since he last sang, it was enough to put on a show after some practice.

As for the all-rounded maniac Ning Xi, he had nothing much to say about her.

In Han Zixuan's studio at Starlight Entertainment.

The room was filled with extravagant outfits and accessories, dazzling one's eyes.

Up to this point, Han Zixuan's votes had reached a point where surpassing it seemed impossible, so they were not worried at all.

However, they could not afford to be careless at the "Night of Starlight" the next day. Ning Xi had been the renowned "Queen of the Red Carpet" back then.

"No way!" Han Zixuan looked at the expensive clothing in disdain.

The stylist seemed troubled. "These are already the best... Zixuan, take a look at this. It's a centennial anniversary design. They never lend it out to anyone. I put in a lot of effort to…"

Han Zixuan's expression darkened. "Are you questioning my sense of fashion?"

"Of course not... I got it. I'll go look for more." The stylist had been worked to the bone just for that one outfit, but she could only suppress her anger now.


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