Hidden Marriage
1850 Thought Too Highly of Her
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1850 Thought Too Highly of Her

Chapter 1850: Thought Too Highly of Her
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wang Haojun and Ning Xueluo had finally calmed the investors down when, on the other side, something had happened.

The public relations director, Liu Wenliang, had his forehead slick with sweat as he ran over with his phone. "C-CEO Wang... Vice CEO Ning..."

"What is it now?" Wang Haojun huffed impatiently.

On the side, Ning Xueluo, Han Zixuan, and Zheng Anru frowned and looked over when they saw him arriving flustered.

Facing everyone's gazes, Liu Wenliang's pale face had scrunched up like a fried dough twist [1], he gulped and said with much difficulty, "Chen... Chen... Chen..."

"Chen, what Chen?" Wang Haojun cursed.

"Chen Mian!" Liu Wenliang finally blurted out the name, then he peeked at Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru. "Chen Mian has just posted on Weibo to clarify that Zixuan and Jiang Muye's kissing picture is a movie still!"

"What did you say? That's impossible!" Zheng Anru's face suddenly changed in color and she was clearly displeased.

Liu Wenliang looked miserable and said, "It's true. Chen Mian has even released the details of the movie to prove it!"

"Is Chen Mian crazy? Does he know what he's doing?" Zheng Anru gaped in disbelief as she started to shriek at the top of her lungs.

Han Zixuan's expression changed too, but her tone was calm when she said, "There must be some misunderstanding. Director Chen definitely wouldn't do that!"

Chen Mian would be the person who did not want this to be exposed the most, which was why they had leaked the picture earlier without any worry at all.

Han Zixuan quickly took her phone out to click on Chen Mian's Weibo.

However, in the next second, she saw the eye-grabbing Weibo that Chen Mian had currently pinned to the top...

[I would like to clarify something for everyone here. This picture is a still from a new movie, "Manchuria Chaos" that I shot not too long ago. In fact, I shot it with the illusion of position. Because of my selfishness, I did not come out to clarify even though I knew the truth. I've let innocent people be affected and implicated, so I'd like to express my deepest regret about this!]

Below these words, he had attached the detailed still comparisons and information on the movie, even including some sensitive content.

Han Zixuan was suddenly stunned.

Chen Mian had indeed gone mad.

In fact, he was really mad!

Zheng Anru's expression sunk, then she said sternly, "We definitely can't just let this matter go! What is up with Chen Mian? Even if he's gone mad, he can't drag our Zixuan down too. Doesn't he know how important this movie is to our Zixuan!? At this crucial moment, he's actually exposed his own movie! And made it public, so everyone knows! Wasn't he afraid that the higher-ups would ban it?"

Liu Wenliang cleared his throat. "I think this matter isn't as simple as that. Chen Mian wouldn't have done this for no reason..."

"You don't say! Do you need to spell it out? It's definitely Glory World pulling tricks!" Wang Haojun said angrily.

Liu Wenliang frowned. "But... with Glory World's abilities right now... How would they be able to persuade Chen Mian into making such a huge sacrifice and personally step forth for Jiang Muye?"

"Ning Xi..." At this moment, Ning Xueluo, whose eyes were dark and gloomy, muttered a name from the side.

Even though Zheng Anru hated Ning Xi, she did not quite agree with Ning Xueluo. "Does Ning Xi have such power? Vice CEO Ning, you've thought too highly of her!"

Wang Haojun was in terrible shape. "Enough! No more nonsense. Now, the question is how should we resolve this!? Liu Wenliang, I'm asking you! You've caused one mess after another. What are you doing as the public relations director? No wonder they keep saying you're always number two, forever pushed down by Liang Feixing!"


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