Hidden Marriage
1848 Amazing, My Queen!
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1848 Amazing, My Queen!

Chapter 1848: Amazing, My Queen!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the side, Xu Tao had vaguely heard their conversation and almost spurted blood out!

Bloody hell! This Chen Mian... he really lacked integrity! The way he changed his tone was just...

Ning Xi did not expect that Chen Mian would change his mind so quickly too. She looked at her phone and her mouth twitched.

"Ning Xi, you said so yourself. You said you'll compensate me with another movie, so I'm booking you in advance for the next movie's female lead. If the female lead won't do, then I can schedule you to be the male lead too! You can't go back on your word!" Chen Mian had been pretending to be all miserable earlier, yet now his tone sounded like he looked forward to the movie being ruined.

Ning Xi could not help but chuckle. "Got it! When have I ever broken a promise to you?"

"Hahaha... Good! Then, I'll go clarify right now! You just wait for it!" Chen Mian giddily answered.

On the side, Xu Tao was astonished, watching this from the start to the end. He was not prepared at all. "Uhh... It's resolved then...?"

Amazing, my queen!

"Tsk, but you've really let that Chen Mian guy take advantage of you! The first movie after you come back out of retirement? Man, you let him booked you just like that! Let me tell you. After Chen Mian finished filming that 'Dream Chaser' with you, even though the other two movies he shot after that were pretty good, they still couldn't compare to 'Dream Chaser'.

"Probably because people kept saying that he could not surpass 'Dream Chaser', he's becoming quite irritable. He actually took a risk out of desperation and got Han Zixuan to shoot a movie that he knew would be banned within the country. He wanted to bag an international award." Xu Tao could not help but roast the guy.


At the same time, the International Exhibition Centre was already deserted.

Wang Haojun, Zheng Anru, Han Zixuan, and all the investors exchanged looks backstage. The atmosphere was morose.

At that moment, the person who felt the most awkward there, apart from Han Zixuan, was Starlight Entertainment's Vice CEO, Ning Xueluo, who had come in her best clothes.

Tonight was supposed to be a premeditated opportunity that she had waited for a long time to happen. She had especially decided to appear last and wanted to grab the chance to rid of her past. Even the idea of inviting the original cast as guests was her idea to seize an opportunity.

Yet, who would have thought that Ning Xi, who had disappeared for so long, would be like a time bomb? She had appeared without warning and exploded in her world with a loud bang.

The incident back then had initially been forgotten with Ning Xi's retirement. With the success of her career, she had even gradually started to take the route of an encouraging goddess. She was no longer denounced for her identity as an adopted daughter. Instead, she had received sympathy and the understanding of some people in the lower rungs of the society.

However, once Ning Xi appeared within everyone's line of sight, all of those things that humiliated her, that she hated the most, and that she did not want people to find out about the most had entirely surfaced again.

As long as Ning Xi was around, everyone would remember clearly that Ning Xi was the real heiress while she was just a counterfeit who was reaping where she had not sown.

Even if she already had everything today, she could not get rid of this damned shadow over her...

"When Glory World's side agreed to it, why didn't you guys check properly?" As sophisticated as Ning Xueluo was, she was agitated at the moment as her blood boiled

"I'm asking you! Why didn't you check properly?!" Wang Haojun rebuked angrily.

The public relations director, who was forced to be the scapegoat, looked miserable. "I've asked clearly. They confidently said that they'd definitely give us a proper explanation. How would I have known that Glory World would come up with this? I never would've thought for the life of me that Ning Xi would show up..."

Glory World was rubbish already struggling at death's door. Forget about this higher management, actually, everyone did not pay attention to Glory World either, which was why they had lowered their guards and how such a huge mess had happened.

The public relations director continued, "In fact, from the way Ning Xi answered those reporters, they had... clearly planned... to intentionally come and mess things up..."


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