Hidden Marriage
1837 One More Person
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1837 One More Person

Chapter 1837: One More Person
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Beside them, Zheng Anru said arrogantly, "For this movie, our Xuan Xuan has been preparing since half a year ago. She personally learned martial arts from a master, and she insisted on not using a stunt double. When the time comes, she'll personally complete all of the scenes!"

Once Zheng Anru said this, it immediately won the love of the huge group of fans again. There were sounds of people emotionally shouting slogans off stage, their hearts aching for their goddess who worked hard for them.

When the host heard this, they immediately followed the planned flow and pretended to say excitedly, "Really? We look forward to it! I wonder if we could witness Xuan Xuan's brilliant performance here today. Does everyone want to see it?"

"Yes!" Off-stage there were instantly loud shouts.

When Han Zixuan saw the response, she looked at her outfit and said, looking troubled, "I might need to change my outfit first."

"We can wait!"

"For the goddess, we can wait as long as it takes!"


Amid the fervent anticipation, Han Zixuan had gone with the flow and went backstage to change as the hosts continued to hype up the crowd up-front.

Moments later, in a cool, red clothes, a high ponytail and with a pike in hand, Han Zixuan walked out from the wings in a heroic and thriving manner.

Unsurprisingly, the shrieks of fans offstage almost blew the roof off!

Apart from Han Zixuan on stage, there was another staff in armor who was going to act with Han Zixuan.

On the huge screen behind them, Han Zixuan's eyes flashed sharply and the pike in her hand immediately flew at the other person. The wonderful and brilliant fight made the fans cry out as it was a feast to their eyes. Almost all the fans present were holding up their phones to record, while the video cameras were also shooting at 360 degrees, capturing everything.

After all, this video would need to be put online for promotional purposes when the time came.

After a brilliant live performance, the loud cries of "No Changge without Zixuan" started to become even more enthusiastic.

Backstage, Wang Haojun nodded very happily, it was indeed worth having paid such a huge price to promote this.

Now, only Jiang Muye's apology was left. Lastly, Vice CEO Ning would represent the investors to make the closing remarks, then they could end perfectly!

"Inform Glory World that they can let Jiang Muye go on stage now," Wang Haojun ordered his subordinate.

"Okay, right away!"


After the hosts were notified by the backstage crew through wireless earphones, they smiled and said, "Did everyone notice something? There's still one other person who's not here today!"

Most of the crowd present knew that the host meant Jiang Muye. Han Zixuan's diehard fans immediately made hissing sounds. At the same time, the response of Jiang Muye's fan club was intense too. The two parties were like water and fire, and they almost started fighting then and there.

"I heard that this late guest has something to say to our Zixuan!"

The crowd's curiosity was hooked by the host and they all looked towards the direction of the stage wings.

There was no movement from there at all.

Roughly a minute passed before a middle-aged man in a black tuxedo appeared before the crowd.

Xu Tao...

"Why is it him? Where's Lei Ming?" Wang Haojun frowned when he watched this from backstage.

"He probably couldn't handle Jiang Muye, so he changed his manager!" His subordinate speculated on the side.

"Huh, is there a difference? Isn't Xu Tao useless too?"

On the stage, Xu Tao appeared in the midst of the glaring spotlight.

Then, the crowd saw that the man had carefully reached out a hand towards the darkness behind him, then fair fingers clasped onto the man's arm. She was led by the man slowly from the darkness, appearing on the stage with glittering lights...


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