Hidden Marriage
1833 Only They Can Surpass Themselves
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1833 Only They Can Surpass Themselves

Chapter 1833: Only They Can Surpass Themselves
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the Royal Jazz Hotel.

The main cast and several important investors of "The World" had gathered together.

"Jiang Muye is terribly arrogant. This big project was almost ruined by him alone!" A man with a beer belly bemoaned unhappily.

"Why should we still give him anymore chances? Just kick him out already!" A well-dressed middle-aged man said.

The CEO of Starlight Entertainment tried to smooth things over. "Jiang Muye's popularity is the real deal. If he's willing to change and apologize to Zixuan, plus be cooperative in future promotions, he still deserves a chance. If he's around, then the series would surely spark a lot of discussion!"

Producer Qin An said, "I've already contacted Lei Ming and told him that Jiang Muye must issue a public apology the day after tomorrow. I believe they know what to do!"

The co-director Wang Linhai held up his glass, "Alright, now, let's not talk about the unhappy stuff. Cheers to our beauty here, Han Zixuan! This time, he must've caused Zixuan a lot of trouble!"

"Jiang Muye is really too much to have such an irresponsible attitude!"

"His character is the worst!"

Everyone started criticizing Jiang Muye and toasted to Han Zixuan. She was the main cast after all, so even the main investors would need to make her happy.

A red-faced investor stood up and said in excitement, "Everyone, I believe that with the strong team we have, we'll surely surpass the record made by 'Nine Realms' a year ago!"

"Hahaha, of course! With Zixuan's popularity, she'll surely make the series the talk of the town!"

With the massive hit of "Nine Realms", not only did it make a huge bunch of people popular, all the investors profited a great deal from it. It was no surprise that they were still thinking about it, which was why they invited Guo Qisheng, the director of "Nine Realms", hoping that he would create another miracle.

Although the invested funds allocated for "The World" was comparable with "Nine Realms", and the latter had the popularity of the movie "The World" as a boost, even with the gimmick of a memorable remake, Guo Qisheng did not expect much from it.

It would surely achieve hefty earnings with this amount of investment and team, but to make it a big hit? And even surpass "Nine Realms"?


Did they know that even a minor supporting character back then had become so popular that numerous original fan-written stories of them were created?

Did they know that the father of the female lead who had extremely little screen time was able to gather a big bunch of fans?

Moreover, there was Ning Xi's classic image of Yun Huang. She was so popular that grandmothers up to 80 years old and even a little girl of six years old could recognize her…

Did they think making such a big hit was an easy feat?

Even with the huge fanbase of "The World", it would not be able to surpass "Nine Realms" easily.

He dared to conclude that if there was anyone in the world who could top the achievements of "Nine Realms", it would have to be Ning Xi and Jiang Muye themselves!

These investors did not understand the core and soul of "The World". He found it pointless trying to explain it to them.

Since the investors were aiming for "The World", even if they did not ask for him, they would have gotten someone else. As for him, it did not matter who the actress was after Ning Xi had retired.

However, now that Jiang Muye might not even stay, he felt even more defeated.

They were still expecting Jiang Muye to issue an apology and even tried to use up his very last bit of value.

How naive!


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