Hidden Marriage
1805 Little Treasure’s Only Mother
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1805 Little Treasure’s Only Mother

Chapter 1805: Little Treasure’s Only Mother
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Ruyi looked at the girl nervously.

Ning Xi studied the bracelet quietly. After a while, she accepted it carefully and replied gently, "Thank you, Mother-in-law."

Yan Ruyi's expression was stunned for a moment, then her long-suppressed tears started falling as she sobbed and trembled.

Ning Xi patted the lady's shoulder gently.

In the end, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were not evil. They were just concerned about their children, and until now, they had never done anything to hurt her directly.

Moreover, they were Lu Tingxiao's parents and Little Treasure's grandparents after all.

It took Yan Ruyi some time to stop her sobbing. She held onto Ning Xi's hand. "Don't worry, Xiao Xi, as long as Tingxiao's father and I are around, you'll be the eldest daughter-in-law of the family. No one can waver your position. Even if Little Treasure's biological mother were to appear in the future, you're Little Treasure's only mother!"

Outside the room.

Little Treasure bolted towards Ning Xi when she came out.

Ning Xi hugged the little guy, feeling distressed about his past experiences.

After being betrayed by a person he had trusted so much, just how difficult was it for him to open up to her?

How precious was such dependence and trust?

"You both are finally done! If it took any longer, the two of them were about to take down the house!" As Lu Jingli was mumbling, he noticed a familiar-looking bracelet on Ning Xi's wrist. He hurried over like he had seen a rare treasure. "Wow! You're really giving it all, Mother! You even gave her this?"

Yan Ruyi slapped Lu Jingli's shoulder. "What are you talking about? Xiao Xi is the eldest daughter-in-law of the family. This should be hers!"

Yan Ruyi then looked at her elder son with a serious expression. "Come here, Tingxiao. I have something to tell you too!"

Lu Tingxiao took a glance at his wife and son, then he went over to his mother.

Yan Ruyi said with a stern face, "I've already explained to Xiao Xi how someone pretended to be Little Treasure's mother and caused him to be kidnapped back then. I've also told Xiao Xi that no matter what, even if Little Treasure's biological mother were to appear, Xiao Xi is Little Treasure's only mother and the only head lady of the Lu family. There shall be no accidents and nothing should ever hurt Xiao Xi's heart!"

Yan Ruyi pinched the space between her eyebrows regretfully as if she was afraid her peaceful life might be ruined once again.

Lu Tingxiao responded, "Rest assured, it'll be alright."

The truth about Ning Xi being Little Treasure's biological mother was not important anymore, but the identity and purpose of the person who had left Little Treasure with the Lu family were still unclear even after such a long investigation. However, he was able to make a guess from the tiny hints he had found...

Not many people, especially Ning Xi, could ever find out about it…

After he finished talking with his mother and was about to go back to Ning Xi, his phone suddenly rang.

Lu Tingxiao frowned when he saw the name of the incoming caller.

Gong Shangze…

Ever since Ning Xi had fallen into the coma, Spirit was doing well on its own, but Gong Shangze was facing a grave problem. He had slowly reached a bottleneck and was not able to come up with new designs. As the core of the company, the withering of the designer's creativity was fatal for the company. This impeded Spirit's plans to get listed.


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