Hidden Marriage
1772 He Never Gave Up Waiting
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1772 He Never Gave Up Waiting

Chapter 1772: He Never Gave Up Waiting
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Winter passed and spring came.

Swiftly, a year had passed.

Early in the morning, the heavily guarded sanatorium was still cold and lonely as usual.

There was a rock table under the Chinese parasol tree and two men were playing chess on it.

The man opposite Zhuang Zongren had a black chess piece in his hand. The ring on his finger gave off a fleeting shine.

The man was in his usual black suit, buttoned up to his sleeves. The coldness he used to exude, which could make anyone beside him suffocate, had mellowed and become a more reliable and matured aura.

"That was fast... A year has passed…" Zhuang Zongren sighed as he looked up into the sky.

The man did not say anything, but the finger holding that black chess piece paused.

After some time, Zhuang Zongren put his chess piece down and asked the man opposite him, "Tell me, what is it that you want from me this time?"

The man replied swiftly, "I want to bring Xiao Xi away."

Zhuang Zongren frowned. After a long silence, he replied, "Fine, go then... The girl must be bored staying in a lonely place like this."

A year was enough for everything to settle down. The public and media were crazy and furious at first, but now no one was looking at her anymore. No one would even mention her name again.

She would not be bothered by anyone as she was long forgotten.

Zhuang Zongren looked at the man. In the past year, this man did not stop accompanying Xiao Xi. There was not a day that he stopped thinking about ways to make her wake up. He never gave up waiting.

Even if it was just false hope.

Zhuang Zongren opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he just sighed.

In the outskirts of Imperial, in a town spared from human pollution.

An exquisite little house was located in the east corner of the town. There was a garden in the backyard by the mountains and beside it was a big lake which looked like crystals under the sunlight. Little deer and wild bunnies visited frequently to take a stroll and have a drink.

Because there was a lot of deer around, people called it Deer Town. The town was pretty like it had come straight out of a fairy tale.

Lu Jingli brought Lu Tingxiao around. "Bro, you have an excellent memory! You even remembered that I have a house here! I almost forgot about it myself. The people in this town are pretty nice and there're no tourists around. It's a quiet place.

"If there's no jam, it's about an hour's drive to the city. You'll never find another place like this in Imperial. It's really the best place to recuperate.

"Fortunately, I have some maids over here to maintain. It's pretty spacious and enough for the medical staff and nurses, so if there's no issue, you can transfer Sister-in-law here anytime."

Lu Jingli loved to play around and had gathered quite an amount of properties when he had gone wild back then.

Lu Tingxiao nodded after looking around. "Alright."

"Deal! Here's the key." Lu Jingli tossed a bunch of keys over

It had been a year since Xiao Xi Xi went unconscious. Everyone actually knew that this seemingly unbreakable man was clinging onto that tiny little glimmer of hope.

Lu Jingli wanted to comfort him but words just did not come out.

He had heard way too many comforting words.


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