Hidden Marriage
1765 Can’t Be Solved By Normal Means
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1765 Can’t Be Solved By Normal Means

Chapter 1765: Can’t Be Solved By Normal Means
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Someone! Quick! Doctor!"

After much ruckus, Lu Tingxiao was put on a bed and the Zhuangs were notified of what happened as well.

The doctor frowned as he checked up on Lu Tingxiao. Lu Jingli was extremely anxious. "How's my brother? What's wrong with him?"

The old specialist took off the stethoscope and scolded, "This is nonsense! How can he torture his body this way? You should ask which part of him is still okay! He has a hole in his stomach and it's been that way for at least two months! He hasn't sought help and has been treating himself poorly. If this continues for another few months, he wouldn't be any better off than the girl!"

Lu Jingli's face went pale and he almost cried. "Ever since Xiao Xi Xi went unconscious, my brother has rarely slept... I've tried my best to look after him every day. I'm afraid that something might happen to him... but I... I can't help... I know no one can help him anyway... He can't control himself…"

The old specialist and Zhuang Zongren let out a sigh after they heard Lu Jingli's lament.

Zhuang Liaoyuan still had his usual stern face on, but there was a worry in his eyes especially when he saw the anxious Little Treasure staying by his father's bedside...

He was definitely biased towards the father-son duo from the beginning. He could not understand his father's decision, but after some time, he could see how Little Treasure was treating Ning Xi, and how while Lu Tingxiao did not change much, his figure had become thinner every day. Now, he had even collapsed.

The tiny bit of dissatisfaction within him disappeared.

At least, Xiao Xi did not fall for the wrong person.

He claimed to be her family, but in the end, he did not really do anything for her. He did not have the right to criticize her choice.

Lu Jingli sobbed, "I actually knew it all along! Although he looked alright, he'd probably fall if a strong gust came by... He can't hold it any longer, yet... he forced himself…"

Up until the last day of the three months, his final sliver of hope had collapsed as well.

During this time, it was not only about Ning Xi being unconscious. Even more damaging were his self-blame and regrets. Everything was corroding his heart and mind…

Lu Jingli clenched his fists tightly as he stood up and bowed. "Please take care of my brother. I'll be back soon!"

He knew this could not be solved by normal means.

He needed to... needed to think of something!

If this continued, his brother would go down even before Xiao Xi Xi could regain consciousness!

Lu Tingxiao woke up soon after Lu Jingli left. The first thing he did was check the time on his watch.

The old doctor glared at him when he saw Lu Tingxiao suddenly sit up. "Lie down!"

This old doctor was Doctor Zhao who had done the DNA analysis for Ning Xi and Little Treasure.

Lu Tingxiao frowned. He did not think about his body condition and did not even ask why was he there. Instead, he said, "I've made an appointment with a specialist team to do a full body checkup for Xiao Xi today!"

Doctor Zhao sternly scolded him, "Lie down. Do you think they don't know how to do the checkup without you?"

"I'm sorry." Lu Tingxiao did not argue. To the doctor's horror, he took the intravenous drip and walked out of the room.


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