Hidden Marriage
1722 A Proper Explanation
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1722 A Proper Explanation

Chapter 1722: A Proper Explanation
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At Imperial Hospital.

Lu Tingxiao finally walked out of the ward.

Yan Ruyi felt her heart ache when she saw her son looking so haggard. "Don't be too sad, Tingxiao. Weren't you the one who convinced Little Treasure before? You have to be well on your own! The modern healthcare system is really advanced now. There's still a big chance Xiao Xi will wake up! As for your father and I... we know that it's too late... I know we've been wrong... We misunderstood this child…"

Yan Ruyi feared that he might not believe her, so she continued, "The Guan family came by just now, and I've already told them about it. Your father shares the same thoughts as mine too. While we have been doing a lot of things behind your back all these years and given Ziyao much false hope, it's our fault, but you don't have to care about this. Your father and I will take care of it and try to not affect the relationship between our families…"

Lu Chongshan understood that his son would never accept any other woman with that girl in this condition. Even if time could heal him and he might one day open his heart again, it would take a ridiculous amount of time…

It was regretful that they were not able to become in-laws with the Guans, but under such circumstances, he could not just let them be and had to give them a proper response.

"We shouldn't become enemies even if we can't become in-laws…" Lu Chongshan sighed. As he was about to say something again, his phone rang.

Lu Chongshan frowned when he saw who was calling. "It's the Guans."

"Speak nicely, please," Yan Ruyi reminded him.

Lu Chongshan nodded and answered the call, "Brother Guan…"

There was a muted anger beneath Guan Rui's voice, "Brother Lu, I understand that the Lu family has suffered a great disaster this time. I, too, sympathize with that girl's condition, but there're a lot of ways to make up to a person. You can't sacrifice the happiness of the two children!"

By the "two children", Guan Rui apparently meant Lu Tingxiao and Guan Ziyao.

Lu Chongshan already expected Guan Rui to call him. He explained helplessly, "Listen to me, Brother Guan. We Lus owe the girl. We can't have Tingxiao marry someone else when the girl has become like this. It's too much of an act of betrayal. We can't do this. Moreover, Tingxiao won't give up on her... and we don't want to waste any more of Ziyao's time…"

Guan Rui did not expect Lu Chongshan to behave this way. His wrath grew stronger. "Waste Ziyao's time? You've already wasted lots! Brother Lu, you told me that Tingxiao was just fooling around with that woman and nothing would affect Ziyao. You were the one who wanted them to get closer too!

"So many outstanding guys came over and proposed after we returned to the country, yet we rejected all of them because you promised me. Then, what happened? We waited and waited, and now you're telling me that you're breaking the promise because of some lowly peasant woman!

"Brother Lu, Ziyao is my precious daughter. I've been taking care of her dearly since she was born. Because of her love towards Tingxiao and our families' relationship, we've been lenient about the matter of Tingxiao with that woman. We even treated Little Treasure as our own grandchild!

"But what about your family? What does the Lu family take us for? Something you can just manipulate at your will? You have to give us a proper explanation!"


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