Hidden Marriage
1700 Finally Found The Place
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1700 Finally Found The Place

Chapter 1700: Finally Found The Place
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After he called the number, Lu Tingxiao directly said, "Look at your inbox. Reply me in 10 seconds."

Following the short sentence, Lu Tingxiao hung up and sat there waiting for his reply.

Time went on…

As Tang Lang was counting down to ten seconds in secret, Lu Tingxiao received a notification on his phone.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at his inbox, then he spoke to the pilot, "Turn around. Inform everyone Country F, E 31, N…"

Tang Lang was shocked when he heard Lu Tingxiao read out the address, and even with accurate coordinates.

Who did Lu Tingxiao call? That person was able to find out the location in ten seconds!

You could not even finish watching the video in ten seconds!

Unless the person knew the moment he saw the video, then sent Lu Tingxiao the email...

Tang Lang reminded himself about the number Lu Tingxiao called just now and he was stunned.

He remembered!

That... that was one of Satan's personal numbers!

Had Lu Tingxiao called him?

The more shocking fact was that Satan had actually sent him the address.

Was he not the person who kidnapped them?

Tang Lang looked suspicious. "Satan... I mean Yun Shen... Can his words be trusted? Will Little Junior Sister and Little Treasure be there?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "They'll be there."

Finally, they flew over to Country F as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Country F was on the border of China, so it was pretty close to Imperial.

As expected, they did not go very far…

Soon, they saw a familiar building from afar. It was very similar to the one in the video, so it should be there alright!

Was the address Satan sent real?

As they reached that place, they did not waste another second and landed the helicopter.

Unexpectedly, they were surrounded by a group of people the moment they landed.

Tang Lang looked at the armed forces and the familiar logo on them, then he realized they were in control of this area as well. He had left the organization earlier and had no idea about it. This place was probably their last hand…

If it was not Yun Shen... probably no one would know this place…

Lu Tingxiao started emitting an intense horrifying vibe as he knew Ning Xi and Little Treasure were somewhere near the building behind them, but they were being blocked by this group of people.

However, even if they had the upper hand, it would take some time to finish them all.

At the very moment, a silver helicopter descended. Before it landed completely, a person jumped out of it.

The man's silver hair was waving due to the wind caused by the helicopter propellers. The vibe he had was similar with that of Lu Tingxiao's.

The group of people blocking Lu Tingxiao and his men suddenly looked afraid when they saw the appearance of the other man.

The leader quickly went up front and said in a fearful tone, "Satan, we've been ordered by Uncle Qiao to …" to guard here.

"Get lost!"

The leader came into contact with his striking cold eyes. He shivered and stopped talking, even backing off and giving way.

The others followed. They backed off and opened a path…


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