Hidden Marriage
1671 Impressive Character?
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1671 Impressive Character?

Chapter 1671: Impressive Character?
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In the courtyard outside, the socialites, who were having tea and chatting, had been assigned with number plates. They would enter when their number was called.

The butler had tactfully said that the plates were for everyone to hold on to and that they could play a little game such as a lucky draw or something later on, but everyone was well aware of what these number plates really did.

"Sigh, I'm so nervous! I wonder how the Lu family has prepared to test us!"

"My family has used all sorts of methods to help me find out. They tried to get the test questions or something, yet they did not find out anything. We only know that it's the little prince who came up with the questions, but we don't know what the actual questions are!"

"You don't say! This little prince is a genius. His thought process is unlike the average person too. The questions he has come up with must be especially hard! How tragic that my grades weren't good when I was still in school, but I've been making up for it recently."

"What's the use trying to make up for it? The little prince is well versed in piano, chess, painting and calligraphy, astronomy, geography, and pretty much everything! The scope of possibilities is too huge..."


The education that this group of heiress socialities had received since they were young had mostly emphasized on building their character. Basically, they were flashy but hollow beings. If the little prince were to test them on topics like physics, maths, and science, there was nothing they could do about it. This knowledge could not be achieved in a short time either.

As she heard the discussions around her, Chi Yingying sneered and snorted at them, "To think of making a hasty last-minute effort only right now... Could you people be any later?"

Chi Yingying had always been arrogant. Everyone was a little fearful of her, so even though they despised her taunting them, they could only ridicule her silently. However, Chi Yingying was a Harvard graduate, and they had to acknowledge that she was publicly known to be a talented girl.

"What is she being so arrogant for? Even though her odds are better than us, don't forget that there's the Guan family too!"

"The Guans have a relationship with Lu Chongyuan, and they're on good terms with the Lu family too. I'm afraid that it's long been internally decided while we're just here to go through motions for formality!"

"Who said that we weren't?! Then again... even if there's one sliver of hope, I'd still want to try..."

After all, that was a position that all women had long dreamt of.

"Number 1, Miss Chi, please come in!" The butler had already started to call out numbers. Suddenly, everyone was so tensed that they kept quiet.

That was right. The first one was Chi Yingying.

Precisely because of that, everyone had become even more high-strung. If Chi Yingying performed well, then they would have no business lingering anymore, and all their preparation would have been for nothing...

In the room, Little Treasure sat on the sofa, while Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi sat opposite him.

Lu Jingli was afraid that if he stayed, Yan Ruyi would urge him to take a long, hard look at the young ladies, but he was just too curious about what the little bun would be testing those socialites on. Faced with a major dilemma, his curiosity won in the end and he had resolutely stayed!

In fact, it would be good for him to give his brother and Xiao Xi Xi a live broadcast too...

When he saw Chi Yingying, Lu Jingli was stunned for a moment. Oh dear, the first one was already an impressive character!

"Nice to meet you, Sis!" When he saw the person walk in, Little Treasure sweetly greeted her.

As Chi Yingying listened to the little guy's respectful greeting, her frazzled nerves instantly relaxed a lot. "Nice to meet you too, Little Treasure. My surname is Chi. We've met at the banquet previously!"

"Mmm, I remember. You're Chi Shuai's sister!"

"Yes!" Chi Yingying was instantly delighted. Initially, she was furious because her family's fatty had offended Little Treasure, but who would have thought that the two had become friends after the fight? They now got along pretty well.

"Sis Chi, I will start with the questions!"

"Okay," answered Chiy Yingying as she reflexively straightened up.


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