Hidden Marriage
1650 Too Cool Too Considerate
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1650 Too Cool Too Considerate

Chapter 1650: Too Cool Too Considerate
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Okay, then I'll go request for a day's leave of absence from the crew."

"There's no need. The press conference will be at the hotel near your location, so you can just go show up after finishing work."

"Uhh, okay..."

You actually made all the reporters come to this remote wilderness for a press conference? Big Boss, you're too cool!

After Ning Xi hung up, Xiao Tao was so excited that she almost jumped up and down. She was wrong to have questioned the Big Boss!

"Ah, ah, ah, Bro Xi! Boss is just way too cool and way too considerate!"

Their Bro Xi was not wrong anyway. Why would she need to pay for this matter? These people were the ones who were adding fuel to the fire and wished for the whole world to be in chaos. Since they wanted to get the gossip so badly, they should just make the journey themselves.


After Lu Tingxiao made the call to inform Ning Xi, Glory World Entertainment's official Weibo released a notice too, indicating that tomorrow night at 8 p.m, they would have a press conference at City D's Four Seasons Hotel. When the time came, they would respond to and explain the latest "sex scandal".

With this news, the entire Internet exploded. Glory World Entertainment had finally responded publicly!

Where the press conference would be held was moot. All of the invited media had rushed towards City D unrelentingly.

Ning Xi had slept until daybreak, then she went on location and continued to shoot as usual.

Because there were more scenes with young actors, the young ones lacked experience and Director Jiang's demands were harsh, so everyone had accompanied them through many bad takes.

When she was done with work, it was already past 7 p.m.

At the same, the entrance of the Four Seasons Hotel was already surrounded by reporters.

As the time passed tick by tick, it was about to be 8 p.m. soon, yet there was not even a shadow of the representative from Ning Xi's end, and the reporters started to whisper.

"What's going on? Why aren't they here yet? They wouldn't be messing with us, would they?"

"Could it be that she doesn't dare to come anymore?"

"I told you. Glory World Entertainment is just stubborn and stuck in denial. The woman in the video is definitely Ning Xi. There's no doubt! From the moment Ning Xi debuted, our paper has been in charge of following her news, so we understand her very well! There's no way we'd recognize her wrongly!"

"Actually, I also think that whether it was plastic surgery or that they just look naturally similar, there would at least be some flaws, but the woman in the video... Even the mole on her earlobe was exactly the same, so how could it be someone else?!"



Amidst the discussions, a white car had stopped at the side. Instantly, someone recognized that it was a dedicated vehicle from Glory World Entertainment. In an instant, the flashes started to go off and all of the cameras were aimed at that car.

With a thud, the car door opened and a woman got down.

The woman had long, curly locks and she wore a rose-colored off-shoulder dress, which complemented her porcelain jade-like skin. When she looked up, she revealed a delicate and beautiful face.

"Ning Xi! Regarding the videos and pictures recently exposed on the Internet, what are your thoughts?"

"You posted on Weibo that the person in the video isn't you. Is this true? Or are you lying?"

"You said the person in the video isn't you. Do you have evidence?"


The reporters surrounded the woman like locusts. One after another, their questions fired continuously.

The woman looked pale and her face was full of guilt. Such an expression was like a catalyst, exciting all of the reporters even more. They were even more convinced that their judgments were right.

The others who got down from the car were two more bodyguards in black and Glory World Entertainment's public relations director, Liang Feixing. When the three of them saw the woman being surrounded, neither did they react, nor did they have any intentions of stepping forward to stop them.


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