Hidden Marriage
1648 Her Capabilities Don“t Need I
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1648 Her Capabilities Don“t Need I

Chapter 1648: Her Capabilities Don't Need It
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With the arrival of dawn, after an entire night of brewing, the issue yesterday was currently broadcasted all over the Internet.

A group of astroturfers set out to vilify Ning Xi as well as Jiang Xinyi, who still harbored resentment against her from before, had currently emerged.

"Oh my God! This is crazily shocking! The video is still continuously being renewed. Now there're already nine people. Is she riding on the wave of sleeping with the entire entertainment industry?"

"I really thought that she was a promising movie queen! I didn't think that her private life would be this wanton. Did all those resources of hers really all come out of sleeping with people? Last time, I wouldn't have believed it without any evidence, but now this is irrefutable evidence! No wonder Jiang Xinyi's role was stolen after she landed it! There's already been so many exposé. Who knows how many more she's slept with that hasn't been revealed yet!?"

"Now that you say it, Ning Xueluo, who was previously chased out of the entertainment industry by Ning Xi, is truly quite pitiful! No wonder the Ning family would rather have a foster daughter than their biological daughter, Ning Xi. It turns out it was because she had corrupt morals!"

"Please don't simply say things before any clarification. We're still not sure who the person in the video is!"

"A certain someone's astroturfers are too much. Are you all blind? The pictures show the truth but you still don't believe it. What more do you guys want?"

"Please get it right about who the real astroturfers are here. She's already been chased out of the entertainment industry, yet she still pays astroturfers every day to attack Bro Xi without letting go. That's enough! If you were really innocent and noble, then feel free to leave the Ning family and prove it. Why did she still enter other people's company shamelessly? Why is she still reluctant to part with the luxury and wealth that she has stolen?"


Her own fans were fighting for her, so Ning Xi could not just sit idly.

Since Lu Tingxiao had promised her, then he must have a plan.

Ning Xi had discussed with Ling Zhizhi before she posted a simple message on Weibo: [The person in the video is not me. Thank you for your trust, everyone!]

Once Ning Xi's Weibo status went up, it was as if all of her fans were immediately instilled with a backbone. Their fighting strength soared and they worked even harder to defend her against those defamatory astroturfers. As long as she said so, they would believe her.

As Ning Xi watched her own fans' spontaneous rush to defend her and their unwavering trust in her, she was moved.

"Previously, I've always quite envied Jiang Muye's fans. I never thought that one day I'd have this many fans who would support me..."

When Ling Zhizhi heard Ning Xi mention Jiang Muye, she seemed to have suddenly understood something.

No wonder... No wonder with Jiang Muye's personality... He would be willing to withdraw...

After she posted that Weibo, Ning Xi made her way towards the shooting location.

She had just arrived when the group of staff instantly looked to her altogether.

Ning Xi's expression was unchanging as she greeted everyone "Good Morning", then she walked up to Jiang Xingzhou.

Jiang Xingzhou resembled a man with no problems as if nothing had happened. His attitude was at ease as he started to run through the scenes with Ning Xi.

When the others saw Ning Xi act candidly with nothing to hide, affirmed by the director's attitude, their trust in Ning Xi was already won by half.

After all, throughout the shoot up till today, they had been getting along for quite a while now. They had seen this girl's diligence and great effort for themselves.

Thus, most of the staff had chosen to remain neutral. There were also those close to Ning Xi who did not care about being implicated. They openly used their usernames to log in to Weibo and issued their thoughts: [I believe that the person in the video is definitely not Ning Xi. To say that Ning Xi relied on sleeping with people to make her way up the entertainment industry ladder is complete nonsense because based on her capabilities, she doesn't even need to!]


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