Hidden Marriage
1636 Most Easily Hooked Up With
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1636 Most Easily Hooked Up With

Chapter 1636: Most Easily Hooked Up With
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She was clearly such a small and weak person...

However, the moment she started to open fire until the years that he had brought her back to the organization, she had unexpectedly surprised him over and over again.

It was as if she was a weed at the lowest level, yet she had the toughest will to live, drawing from everything around and growing like mad.

Maybe it was because he had been living a dull life that many years after that, she had unknowingly become his only joy, the only uncertain element apart from his fate...

He was not sure when but whenever he saw the girl smile at him tenderly and act like a spoiled child, there would be vicious tendencies in his heart. When he found out that the girl had thoughts of returning to China, it was even harder to suppress these vicious tendencies. He did not hesitate to go back on his agreement with her then and there, rejecting her request to leave, and he had even made such a request even if he knew that he could not make her stay...

He should have gotten used to it by now. All that he cared about, he would not be able to keep in the end...


"Bro Ye, I've already had people organize everything and it's about done. Bro Shen... Is he not out yet?" Annie stood at the door worriedly.

The two of them had already been inside for close to two hours.

It was very quiet inside.

It seemed to be too quiet that it felt strange.

Tang Ye frowned, then he turned around and knocked lightly on the room door.

There was no response from the inside.

He knocked again, but there was still no response.

Tang Ye's expression changed. He decided to push open the bedroom door while Annie nervously followed after him.

The two of them solemnly pushed the door to enter, yet in the next second, they were both stunned.

Ning Xi was breathing steadily as she slept soundly on the bed, while Yun Shen... had actually laid by the bedside with his eyes shut. From the looks of it, he seemed to have fallen asleep...

In his sleep, the man's fingers seemed to have unconsciously held on to the hem of Ning Xi's clothes.

"Bro Shen..." Annie muttered in shock.

Tang Ye watched the man sleep soundly, then indistinctly he sighed softly, "Let him sleep a while."

Annie kept quiet and nodded. "Ever since... Ever since the last time he returned from the Lu family meeting, Bro Shen has barely been sleeping..."

"Motherf- my eyes! I can't believe I'm actually seeing this. This scene is quite heartwarming and beautiful..." It was not sure when Feng Xiaoxiao had returned, but she leaned her head on Annie's shoulder after she looked in and saw this scene. She looked like she had just seen a ghost.

"Shh, don't wake them up..."

They shut the door and left.

Feng Xiaoxiao stood at the door, still looking horrified. "I thought that this dude was going mad again after bringing Little Junior Sister home... He might as well have gone mad... This is too frightening!"

"Bro Shen isn't that scary!" Annie muttered.

Feng Xiaoxiao shot Annie a look from the side and pouted. "If this dude weren't wrong in the head, I'm afraid he would have long gotten Little Junior Sister! Four whole years. How many chances!? And it was even such a dreamy storyline of the hero saving the beauty! How old was Little Junior Sister then? It was when she could be most easily hooked up with! Such a good hand of cards, yet he had played it like that. Even I'm amazed! Great now... It's too late to regret anything..."

Feng Xiaoxiao kept on ridiculing, but beside her, Tang Ye did not say anything throughout.

He and that person had technically grown up together. That person... just did not know how to express his feelings at all. More so, he did not know how he should be treating someone well...

Or maybe, his subconscious was rejecting him from investing too much energy into someone, so he had never revealed his true self to anyone...


Probably because she had depleted much of energy emotionally, Ning Xi had fallen into a very deep sleep.

When she woke up, between her daze, her eyes suddenly met an asleep face. She was instantly frightened fully awake.

As she was subconsciously pulling back, she noticed that her clothes hem was firmly grasped in his hand...


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