Hidden Marriage
1601 Always Be With Little Treasure
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1601 Always Be With Little Treasure

Chapter 1601: Always Be With Little Treasure
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Jingli coughed for a really long time before he managed to stop. He had an alarmed expression as he said, "Xiao Xi Xi! You're scary! Next time, I'll definitely keep my girlfriend far away from you!"

Ning Xi shot him a side look. "Let's talk when you get a girlfriend, okay? You single dog, you're really worried about nothing!"

"Hey!" Lu Jingli cursed under his breath as he immediately walked towards the kitchen angrily and started to wail, "Bro! Bro! Sis-in-law says she'll turn all the girls who want to seduce you gay! Do you even care anymore? Hey!"

Now, it was Ning Xi's turn to scold him."Hey! Lu Jingli! Are you 3 years old? You actually complained?!"

Ning Xi quickly took a narrow stance and nervously looked at the direction of her darling. She saw that Lu Tingxiao was bringing a dish over. He looked at Lu Jingli expressionlessly and said, "I won't give her the chance to."

He was trying to imply that he would not give other women a chance to seduce him. That way, Ning Xi naturally would not have the chance to make any move.

Ning Xi instantly beamed. She delightedly shot a look at Lu Jingli, then she walked up to Lu Tingxiao's cheek and kissed him.

"Find a person that you love most and deeply enough to bid singlehood farewell... An affectionate, infatuated, heartless person came to scar me..."

Lu Jingli was defeated once again and he went to the toilet to cry.


After dinner, because Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli still had to return to the company and settle things, they could not stay any longer. Ning Xi wanted to let the little bun stay for a night, but he rejected it.

The little bun looked up to his mother, displaying reluctance to part. Still, he was very determined. "Mother, today it's best for me to return to Grandfather and Grandmother!"

He was afraid that Ning Xi would be unhappy, so the little guy had nervously added on, "Mommy, don't be angry. In the future, Little Treasure will always be with Mommy!"

Ning Xi knew that the little guy had taken the initiative to stay in the old residence for her. She felt overwhelmingly touched as she squatted down and hugged the little guy's soft body. "Mmm! Mommy will also always be with Little Treasure in the future! I'll forever be with Little Treasure!"

Little Treasure instantly pursed his lips, stemming his happiness.

After she sent the three of them off, Ning Xi and Tang Lang had gone up to the roof to chat and drink.

Tang Lang lay on the floor with one hand supporting his head as he lamented, "Tsk, my obedient student is really so lovable! It's no wonder you're willing to be with a single father!"

Ning Xi was leaning on the railing as she looked up at the starry sky above her. When she heard what he said, she instantly whipped around bitterly. "Are you jealous that they brought their own tag-along?!"

"Fine, fine, fine... I'm jealous!" Tang Lang looked at her protective stance speechlessly, then he thought of something and a worried expression was written on his face. "Truly horrifying! Who would have thought that Satan and Lu Tingxiao would have this kind of relationship?"

Even though Tang Lang had been in the organization since he was born, he had only just found about this. Plus, his nature was to enjoy cockfights and dog racing all day, not caring about anything, much less things like these.

Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows. Once this was brought up, she had a headache. She was the one who had received the most shock!

"Second Senior Brother... You've been by Satan's side for so long. Have you seen his mother before? Do you know what kind of person she is?" Ning Xi probed.

Tang Lang shrugged. "I've never met her or heard him mention her before. I really can't imagine what kind of human would have given birth to that guy. If it were not for this incident, I would've thought that he had jumped out of cracks in stones at birth!"

Ning Xi had no words.

Forget it! She knew that she should not have asked this unreliable guy! She should save her time and go read her script!


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