Hidden Marriage
1554 Zero Relations
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1554 Zero Relations

Chapter 1554: Zero Relations
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not just the circling watchful journalists and other artistes, even Chang Li was dumbfounded She stared blankly at the countrywoman and was tongue-tied.

What... What was happening?

"Oh my God! Is this real or fake? Ning Xueluo isn't actually some heiress. Are these really her biological mother and grandmother?"

"Then, why did the Ning family stick to saying that Ning Xueluo was their biological daughter all these years?"


The situation was getting more and more confusing. Breaking out of their temporary stupor, all of the journalists rushed to Ning Xi's direction.

"Miss Ning! Miss Ning! What's the actual situation? Can you explain a little to us?"

"Ning Xi, do you know these two people?"

"Ning Xi, what's your relationship to these two people?"


The old madam pushed Sun Lan away and rushed to Ning Xi. She started bawling without saying anything. "Xi girl... My Xi girl... They won't believe a rotten old lady's words. Quickly tell them that this girl is a wench, that I didn't tell a single lie! If I did, I would be struck to death by a lightning bolt from the Heavens!

"I know that in the past 18 years when you were in our Tang family, I've disdained the fact that you're a girl and always hit you, scolded you, and was mean to you... Just for Xiao Nuo... Xiao Nuo has always treated you like his biological sister!

"Even though that child hid it from me, how could I not know that he always secretly left all the meat and left the good stuff for you to eat?

"Do you still remember that when you were younger, there was once when our family was so poor that we had nothing to eat? With no choice left, I had to throw you to a mass grave but who would have thought that not too long after that, Xiao Nuo started to have a high fever and he wasn't getting any better. He kept calling out for his sister. I had no choice but to bring you back. Your life was saved by Xiao Nuo...

"Even if we Tangs have let you down, that's all because that wench did that. It's because she was greedy for all the glory and wealth, hogging your parents and not letting go..."

The old lady revealed more and more information, entrancing everyone as they listened.

At the same time, Sun Lan, who was being surrounded by the journalists, was already at a loss. She could only continue to wring her hands in denial out of wanting to protect Ning Xueluo. "Don't ask me! Don't ask me anymore! No... It's not... I'm not... I'm not her mother. I don't know who she is... I don't know her either. She's not my daughter. She's the heiress of the Ning family. Ning Xi... Ning Xi is my daughter... Yes, Ning Xi is the daughter I gave birth to..."

If Sun Lan had asserted that Ning Xueluo was her daughter, it could still raise suspicions, but now her protective attitude towards Ning Xueluo made all of the journalists even more positive about the earth-shattering truth that she was Ning Xueluo's real mother.

Unspoken thoughts raced through the journalists' minds.

Huh, Ning Xi is your daughter?

You should take a look in the mirror to see how you look! How could you give birth to a face like Ning Xi's?

Facing the swarm of journalists and the endless questions, Ning Xi had only uttered one sentence, "In the past 18 years, I have indeed lived in the Tang household. As for my Ning family, it doesn't matter if it was the past or the the future, we have zero relations."

The ruckus caused was so massive that Ning Xueluo crazily called everyone as she wanted to get someone to stop it all. Unfortunately, none of the security guards came over.

It was not until Ning Xi spoke up and said this that people finally started to disperse from the crowd. Shi Xiao brought a few tight-knitted bodyguards to protect Ning Xi as she left.


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