Hidden Marriage
1485 Romance-Ending Device
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1485 Romance-Ending Device

Chapter 1485: Romance-Ending Device

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Ning Xi was like a puppy, hugging the man as she nibbled playfully on him, her eyes full of possessiveness.

Lu Tingxiao laughed heartily as he gently caressed her head and said in a pampering and indulging tone, "What are you up to now?"

Ning Xi hugged Lu Tingxiao, then she glared furiously at Mo Yuxiu who had turned to stone on the side. "Nothing much, I'm just a little bored from getting some air here myself! So, I asked you to come over!"

Lu Tingxiao caught a glimpse of Mo Yuxiu from the corner of his eye. How could he not fathom Ning Xi's thoughts?

To help his wife defeat his romantic rivals and being his wife's shield was obviously all that he could wish for and would endure gladly.

Besides, him and Ning Xi had dated in secret for so long that it was a rare change for Ning Xi to initiate publicizing his identity.

At this moment, there were no indifference, alienation, or signs that told one to keep away from Lu Tingxiao. He looked at the girl with a gentle expression that could drown one in sweetness as he leaned over slightly and kissed the girl's lips lightly again. "Want to go home?"

Ning Xi nodded. "I've long wanted to go home! It's all that Jiang Muye's fault! He's so unreliable and swindled me..."


Until the two had already left only did Mo Yuxiu finally return to his senses behind them. He quickly called out, "Wait!"

Ning Xi paused her footsteps up front, then she turned around to look at Mo Yuxiu. "Hey, you're a grown man. You wouldn't go back on your words, right?"

Mo Yuxiu did not respond to Ning Xi. Obviously, he was afraid of Ning Xi's tricks. He still could not believe her up until this moment, so he did not give up as he stared at Lu Tingxiao and said, "CEO Lu, I apologize for presumptuously asking, but what is your relationship with Ning Xi? Who is Ning Xi to you?"

Mo Yuxiu clenched his fists tightly. He thought that these two were just putting on a show. They might be lovers, friends with benefits, or even simply messing around...

After all, Lu Tingxiao had announced to the outside world that he had long had a stable girlfriend that he was in a relationship with!

This damned woman! She kept saying that she was not the same species as him, yet in reality, she was just the same...

Lu Tingxiao looked expressionlessly at the man opposite him, then he answered with that calm and unwavering ice-cold face, "My future wife."

Then, without caring what Mo Yuxiu's reaction turned to, he just pulled Ning Xi and turned around to leave.

Behind them, Mo Yuxiu's face turned blank. He was completely stupefied...

The legendary rightful girlfriend of Lu Tingxiao's... was Ning Xi?

He thought that Ning Xi was just slurring drunk, but it had been real?

Lu Tingxiao was really her current boyfriend. Then, was Yun Shen really her ex?

Mo Yuxiu dared not to continue thinking about it.

Ever since he met this woman, she had never been conventional...


When Lu Tingxiao came over to look for her, he had already bid goodbye to everyone in the room and announced that he had to leave first. Lu Tingxiao went to the car park to wait for her first while Ning Xi bade farewell to the crowd in the room too.

When she returned, Yun Shen was not there. It seemed like he had left early too.

On the way home.

They managed to get through the daunting night without any mishaps. Ning Xi looked like she had a huge weight off her mind as she said, "Sigh, finally I settled one! My, darling, you're really useful! You're practically the ultimate romance-destroying tool! From the looks of Mo Yuxiu's expression, I'm sure that even if he had an erectile dysfunction forever, he won't come bothering me ever again!"

Tsk tsk, her romantic misfortunes could indeed only be resolved with Lu Tingxiao...

Lu Tingxiao laughed lightly. "Thank you for the compliment."

"But... There's one more that's probably not that easy to cut off... Sigh, what do I have to use to chop that one off?" Ning Xi muttered softly.

She thought that Lu Tingxiao did not hear her, but moments later came Lu Tingxiao's calm voice, "A marriage certificate."

"Uhh..." Savage.


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