Hidden Marriage
1343 Little Treasure“s Only Mother
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1343 Little Treasure“s Only Mother

Chapter 1343: Little Treasure's Only Mother

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
"Settle this before she wakes up tomorrow morning." His tone was one that did not allow his wife to be upset about this when she woke up later.

"Understood!" Lu Jingli accepted his fate of being mentally and physically tortured.

Later on, Lu Jingli suddenly thought of something. His eyes lit up as he said, "Right, bro, do you know? Apart from Xiao Xi Xi's ruckus tonight, there's also super huge gossip! You know that Mo Lingtian has been secretly crushing on Guan Ziyao, don't you? Well, I guess it's not considered so much of a secret anymore..."

Lu Tingxiao was ready to go accompany his wife, but he paused when he heard Mo Lingtian's name and he frowned.

Lu Jingli continued, "That bloke has been remaining chaste for Guan Ziyao, but this time he accidentally got a girl pregnant. Tonight, the Mo family even tried forcing him to get married for the sake of the child! Of course, Mo Lingtian was reluctant. He said he wouldn't get married if it wasn't Guan Ziyao, causing quite a storm in the Mo family. Ha! Even though his love for Guan Ziyao is unrivaled, he can't just do it and not admit it, can he? What about that innocent girl who's pregnant? I wonder which girl has been so unlucky..."

When he put together Lu Jingli's words with what Ning Xi had been saying earlier, Lu Tingxiao could understand what had happened.

That girl must be Ning Xi's cousin, Ning Tianxin.

Ning Xi said she was in a bad mood...because of this?

After he finished sharing the gossip, Lu Jingli left enthusiastically to attend to his work.

Lu Tingxiao looked gloomy as he walked up to Ning Xi's room, but was stunned when he pushed opened the door...

The space that belonged to him had been taken up by a soft little bun, and the little guy stuck to Ning Xi's embrace, sleeping soundly. He did not know when the little guy had run in here.

When he heard the footsteps at the door, the little guy alertly opened up his eyes and looked at his father who was walking to the bedside.

Lu Tingxiao sat on the bedside and watched as the little bun wrapped his arms around the girl who slept soundly. He lightly stroked her hair, then rubbed his son's little head. "Okay, stay with your mother."

The little bun puffed up his cheeks and rolled back into his mother's embrace with an expression that said "duh."

A while later, the little bun blinked and worry was etched on his soft little face. He looked up to ask Lu Tingxiao, "Is Mommy unhappy?"

Children were the most sensitive. Even if Ning Xi was sleeping, he seemed to have noticed that his mother was not in a good mood.

Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Mmm, Mommy's in a bad mood."

The little bun immediately looked serious and nervous as he asked, "Why?"

"Because I haven't done well enough," replied Lu Tingxiao.

The little bun frowned and said, "Little Treasure isn't good too."

Little Treasure wants to be better...even better... That way, Mommy would not be unhappy...

"Little Treasure." Lu Tingxiao looked at his son and his gaze suddenly looked very solemn. "You must remember even though Ning Xi isn't your biological mother, since you've called her Mommy, she will forever be your mother, and the only one too. From now on, no matter what happens, this will never change, understand?"

The little bun lazily yawned when he heard his father. He pouted indifferently and laid back into his mother's embrace, his little mouth muttering indistinctively, "She is Little Treasure's real mother..."

His tyrannic tone seemed to say, "It is if I say so!". He really took after his father's demeanor.

Lu Tingxiao smiled and kissed the both of their foreheads. "Goodnight."


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