Hidden Marriage
1288 Just Wanted To Cause Trouble!
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1288 Just Wanted To Cause Trouble!

Chapter 1288: Just Wanted To Cause Trouble!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone was floored. Because this was an incident from a very long time ago, not many knew about it.

Of course, Li Lekai would never tell others about being cheated on.

Who would have thought that today it would be brought up by Mo Yuxiu with such an attitude!?

This kind of man had seduced someone else's woman but had the gall to provoke the cuckolded indifferently. Only Mo Yuxiu could do such a thing.

In the next second, a shadow flashed past. Li Lekai had rushed up and swung a fist at him in fury.

Mo Yuxiu leaned aside to avoid the punch, then he threw his shades up. With a glimmer of excitement in his eyes, he clearly wished for the whole world to be in chaos. He just wanted to cause trouble when there was none!

The two of them started to throw fists back and forth. The entire scene was turmoil. Ye Ying was anxious and her advice to them to stop fell on deaf ears. The sticky thing was that in order avoid the news of this incident traveling out of this room, she could not call for security.

Not too far away, Jiang Muye was confused. "Shouldn't the people fighting be you and Mo Yuxiu? How did it become Li Lekai?"

This was not following the script at all...

Ning Xi watched the show as she sighed in mock seriousness, "Indeed, God still stands on the side of justice!"

"Who would have thought that these two would..." Qin Ran muttered in shock.

Han Yucheng, who had not interacted with Qin Ran since he entered, also could not help but chime in, "What's so odd? There are many people in the entertainment industry whose partners have cheated on them with Mo Yuxiu. It's just a matter of the incident being exposed!"

Qin Ran grinned and looked over. "You sound experienced. Have you been cheated on too?"

"Bugger off!" Han Yucheng shot him a look.

"But Mo Yuxiu has been on hiatus in the past few years. It seems like it started about three years ago when he suddenly decided to change for the better. Not only did he cut off relationships with all women, he even stopped getting close to them. He started working on his self-restraint, and because of his repentance, he started to regain popularity again," analyzed Qin Ran.

"It was probably pressure from the company! Who knows how he's like privately?" Han Yucheng scoffed.

"Well, that's true..."


"Stop fighting! Yuxiu, Lekai! Stop fighting, the two of you! Can't we have a peaceful conversation instead?" Ye Ying was anxiously attempting to calm them down, but even she felt her words were a little weak.

Ye Ying was scared witless watching the two of them. She was afraid that they would get hurt, especially on their face. If that happened, the commercial's shoot would need to be paused!

She was personally in charge of this extremely important commercial and would never have thought that this would happen.

Ye Ying was so worried that she was about to cry. At last, she called the security personnel because she just could not stop them.

"Hahaha, that woman's like a dead fish in bed. I didn't think you'd like such uninteresting types..." Mo Yuxiu mocked provocatively.

The next second, Ye Ying panicked and shouted, "Ah! No!"

The two understood that they could not hurt each other's faces, so they still had some rationality left when fighting earlier. However, Mo Yuxiu was really asking for it by taunting Li Lekai. In a surge of anger, Li Lekai's fist instantly impacted hard on Mo Yuxiu's face.

At the same time, Mo Yuxiu had fought back and attacked his opponent's eyes.

"Ah!" Ye Ying squeezed her eyes shut hopelessly.

The sound of a swift breeze swooshed past her...

When she opened her eyes, she saw an unexpected scene. Ning Xi had stood quite far away earlier. Suddenly, she had gone over and in one move, separated the two of them.


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