Hidden Marriage
1283 Prince Charming That Girls Wanted To Sleep Most With
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1283 Prince Charming That Girls Wanted To Sleep Most With

Chapter 1283: Prince Charming That Girls Wanted To Sleep Most With

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
When he saw Ning Xi's daunting popularity with the girls, Jiang Muye was about to break down inside!

Previously, he had been pompous to Ning Xi, saying that she was still far from him. However, in an instant, the situation had become one whereby "the new generation excels the last, while the last dies on the beach".

There was one more thing that scared him even more. Recently, Ning Xi had been listed on the same list as him, the list of Prince Charmings that girls wanted to sleep with the most!

Jiang Muye had been championing that list for many years and he would never have thought that this year, he had actually been surpassed by Ning Xi!

Last night, when his manager Lei Ming sent the image of that list to him, he almost puked blood onto his game console.

The name of the number one person on the list had been typed in bold, red font. It was Ning Xi!

Bloody hell, he had been beaten!

And this person was his ex-girlfriend!

Jesus, this scene was too beautiful that he was about to cry blood.

Was this not a list exclusively for male celebrities? How could she a woman just random barge in!? Did this list even have prestige and integrity anymore? Hey! He wanted to call and complain!

He had already been triggered enough last night, but at this moment, after witnessing this scene, Jiang Muye admitted defeat. He wanted to quit the industry!

"Hey...you guys..."

Was anyone going to come and pay attention to him?

But the girls had been charmed silly by Ning Xi. All of them were in highly-positioned white collar jobs, yet all of them were screaming their lungs out like girls going through their first awakening of love in front of Ning Xi. He just could not watch anymore!

The crowd seemed to have lost control, even Lu Tingxiao's secretariat manager. Disciplinary Committee Member Liu Ruohua was leading the crowd of infatuated fans. All the other women simply did not care anymore.

Right at this moment, the elevator door opened and the steady sound of footsteps was heard; it was one that could petrify the entire company.

The man made his way in, and his cold, sharp gaze skimmed the crowd.

The entire workplace had been transported from the equator to the North Pole!

Liu Ruohua pushed up her black-framed spectacles and immediately scolded, "What are you all doing!? Look how you all are! Quickly go back to work!"

All the female employees scattered like frightened birds, internally mocking to themselves that she seemed to have been the craziest earlier. Sis Liu, you almost took off your clothes for her to autograph!

All the employees went back to their busy working mode and Lu Tingxiao looked towards Ning Xi.

Ning Xi walked up respectfully to greet, "Nice to meet you, CEO Lu!"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded slightly, then he walked towards his office.

God knows how much he wanted to just pull his wife into his office!

After Lu Tingxiao went in, the office outside returned to quiet conversations.

"How sad! Why did the Boss return so early? Didn't he say he was only going to be back in the afternoon?"

"I'm so sad. It was such a great opportunity. Even though Bro Xi is my new love, I wanted to get the autographs of all the other Prince Charmings too!"

"The happiest person is probably Director Ye. I'm really suspecting that she organized this commercial for personal gains!"

When she said this, Xiao Zhao the secretary suddenly thought of something. "Shouldn't the happiest person in this advertisement be the female lead? To be able to act with seven Prince Charmings!"

"Right! Who's the female lead?"

Xiao Zhao shook her head. "I don't know. I've asked Director Ye a few times but she won't tell me. It seems quite mysterious!"


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