Hidden Marriage
1273 You Won’t Die If You Don’t Ask For I
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1273 You Won’t Die If You Don’t Ask For I

Chapter 1273: You Won’t Die If You Don’t Ask For It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Ning Xi returned to her seat pretty quickly.

As she sat down, Liang Biqin straightened her back and Su Yimo tensed up as well. They were secretly looking over at Ning Xi's direction.

Ning Xi glanced at the filled up glass in front of her, then she held it up slowly and placed it on her palm.

But after some time, Ning Xi did not drink it. Liang Biqin and Su Yimo were starting to get impatient.

When Ning Xi was out of the country, she had been imitating how First Senior Brother did it. They just drank it all in one shot. When she came back, she could not really adapt to the culture in the entertainment industry and was drugged several times. She would never make that kind of mistake again…

It was an unspoken rule that one should never drink any alcoholic drink after you leave your seat unattended, especially in a club or a dinner like this as you would never know if it had been drugged.

Moreover, both Liang Biqin and Su Yimo were here…

She would be an idiot if she drank it!

Su Yimo could not wait any longer, so she stood up and made a toast. "I'm very thankful for everyone's support towards Glory World and I. Here's one for everybody!"

"Me too!" Liang Biqin stood up as well.

Several other artistes followed their example, including Ning Xi.

Yi Xudong felt relieved when he saw Su Yimo's considerate behavior. Su Yimo finished her drink, then glanced at Ning Xi.

Finally, Ning Xi held up her glass and finished her drink as well. She then courteously used a white towel to wipe her mouth.

Su Yimo and Liang Biqin looked at each other in relief.

Actually, Ning Xi had not drunk the alcohol at all. She had spat it out into the white towel.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I think I'm a little drunk now. I'll go back to my room first!" Sun Zhanpeng could not wait anymore, so he could not focus during the dinner. Instead, he went back to his room before 11 p.m.

After Sun Zhanpeng left, most people did not drink much and left soon after.

Dragon Leap was one of the top clubs in town and the location was very quiet, so Yi Xudong had booked rooms for everyone to stay there for the night.

After the dinner ended, Ning Xi sent Lu Tingxiao a message and she went back to her room.

In the dark, Ning Xi did not change her clothes. She lay down on her bed without any intentions to sleep, feeling a little excited.

Within a minute, she heard some sounds outside her door.

That was pretty quick.

The door was opened from outside, and a person came in with a very strong smell of alcohol.

"My beauty, you must've waited for a long time! Don't be impatient, I'll show you some love right now…" Sun Zhanpeng was giggling like a pervert as he leaped onto the bed towards the dark figure.

The next moment, he felt a sharp pain in his elbow.

"Ah!" Sun Zhanpeng screamed, but Ning Xi used a pillow to muffle his voice. The voice he made became more suggestive and ambiguous.

Outside the door, Liang Biqin heard the man's panting voice and was really excited!

Ning Xi was done for!

Liang Biqin called Su Yimo, "Cousin, it's done, we can call the media now!"


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