Hidden Marriage
1236 Because Mother Looks Grea
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1236 Because Mother Looks Grea

Chapter 1236: Because Mother Looks Great

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Ning Xi really liked the pictures. "Baby, how are you so talented!? You took such great pictures of me!"

The little bun looked up at his mother and said with a serious tone, "Because, Mommy, you look great!"

Ning Xi felt an arrow full of love shoot through her heart.

She already thought Little Treasure was cute enough before he had started talking, but now that he started to speak again, everything he said was terribly sweet, rendering her helpless. If he wanted the stars in the sky, she would probably do anything to get them for him…

Before she posted them on Weibo, she sent the photos to Ling Zhizhi and Chen Mian for a look first.

As she waited for their reply, Ning Xi saw that Lu Tingxiao was staring at his phone. Lu Tingxiao...was intently ogling her photos...that he had discreetly taken just now.

Ning Xi swiftly snooped up behind him. "Lu Tingxiao, I saw that! You took my pictures! Didn't you say you didn't want to? Why are you doing that?! Let me see!"

Secretly-taken photos usually looked bad and she would not allow horrible pictures of hers to be on Lu Tingxiao's phone!

Lu Tingxiao did not stop her. He let her snatch his phone away from him.

Ning Xi looked at his phone, then she blushed…

She glared at the man on the sofa. "You hooligan!"

Lu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows. Oddly, he felt great even though he was being scolded at the moment. "Mmm?"

Ning Xi became even angrier at his innocent expression. What was the meaning of that?!

Even though she looked the same, it was a totally different feeling when it was taken by different people.

Little Treasure's photos had focused on her elegance, but in Lu Tingxiao's photos, she just looked so provocative. Each of the pictures looked like she was seducing someone and she blushed even deeper…

The saying "you see what you think of" was true!

However, to be honest, Lu Tingxiao's picture would probably be more attractive to the fans…

As Ning Xi thought about it, Lu Tingxiao swiftly snatched back his phone. Apparently, he knew what she was thinking.

Ning Xi pouted. "Stingy!"

Now, she understood why Lu Tingxiao had not wanted to take pictures of her. The photos he had taken of her in a female outfit was at least a hundred times more seductive than when she was in a male outfit.

"Whatever, my son takes better pictures!"

The little bun nodded along with his mother.

Ling Zhizhi and Chen Mian replied her, expressing their satisfaction with this set of photos.

"Xiao Xi, this looks great as well although the style is vastly different! Your friend sure is talented!" Chen Mian praised.

"Ah, right…" Father and son, of course, their styles were different…

After they approved of the photos, Ning Xi then posted the photos on her Weibo.

Afterwards, Ning Xi remembered something about her company, so she called Han Momo. "Momo…"

"Bro Xi! Ahhhhhh! Bro Xi called me!"

Before Ning Xi could say anything else, Han Momo let out a deafening scream of excitement.


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