Hidden Marriage
1234 Little Treasure is Very Happy
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1234 Little Treasure is Very Happy

Chapter 1234: Little Treasure is Very Happy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
The pictures this time were quite important. Ning Xi wanted to reenact the quality and candidness from the first time, so she did not want to hire those professional photographers that would make her pictures look too posed. For a moment, she really did not know who else to ask for help from.

As she was fretting, inspiration struck her. "Ah! I got it!"

Hehe, he was not the only reliable male in this house!

"Little Treasure will be done with school soon, won't he? I'll go fetch him!" Ning Xi said happily.

She had decided that this time, she would get baby Little Treasure to help her with the pictures. This was different from the past. Ever since Ning Xi had exploded in popularity overnight, it would definitely be harder for her to leave the house now.

Before this, she would always dress as a male to leave the house conveniently, but now it was probably safer to dress as her normal self.

Thankfully, her name that was registered with the teachers as Little Treasure's parent was "Tang Xi", so it was still alright to use the excuse of looking like a celebrity in terms of looks.

However, to be safe, Ning Xi still did not get down from the car. Lu Tingxiao picked Little Treasure up instead.

Even though it was Father fetching him from school personally today, the little bun was quite calm about it.

Through the car window, Ning Xi could see the little guy carrying a schoolbag on his back as Lu Tingxiao held his hand. His face was as flawless as Lu Tingxiao's, and he walked expressionlessly towards the car.

The conversation between the father and son made one go speechless.

Lu Tingxiao asked, "What did your teacher teach in school today?"

Little Treasure answered, "I don't know."

Lu Tingxiao inquired, "How are you getting along with your classmates? Do you talk to them?"

Little Treasure answered, "Boring."

Lu Tingxiao questioned, "How did you do on your quiz?"

Little Treasure responded, "Alright."


The father and son pair had this odd conversation as they walked to the car.

Lu Tingxiao walked up and pulled open the car door, then the little bun was instantly stunned.

"Mommy!" The little guy's expressionless face instantly revealed an adorable expression as he softly called out to his mother before he quickly ran to the car and into her embrace.

"Little Treasure!" Ning Xi hugged the little guy and kissed his soft little cheeks.

"Mommy, are you here to fetch Little Treasure?" The little guy's eyes lit up like the stars in the sky.

"Yes, but I didn't get down because I'm afraid of getting recognized. Little Treasure, don't be angry at Mommy, okay?"

The little guy quickly shook his head. "Little Treasure will never be angry at Mommy, Little Treasure is already very happy to see Mommy!"

When he saw his son's entirely different expression and distinct treatment, Lu Tingxiao admitted that he was already used to it.

The car slowly started to move.

Ning Xi was so excited that she kissed the little guy again, then she hugged Little Treasure to chatter, "Baby, what did your teacher teach today?"

"Mommy, Teacher taught us maths, art, and nursery rhymes!"

"How are you getting along with your classmates? Do you talk to the kids in your class?"

"Mommy, Little Treasure did! Little Treasure followed Mommy's advice and talked to the other children."

"Very good!"

The little bun looked happy as he was praised, then he turned around and took out an exam paper to show Ning Xi, "Mommy, Little Treasure got 100 marks!"

Ning Xi looked at the red-inked full score on the paper and was delighted. "My dear Little Treasure is just awesome!"

She knew that Little Treasure did not like to waste time on boring things, yet he had done the kindergarten-level paper and had even gotten 100 marks. Obviously, he had done so to make her happy.

When she thought about this, she felt her heart melt into mush...


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