Hidden Marriage
1127 Initial Success
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1127 Initial Success

Chapter 1127: Initial Success
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A few years ago, Allstar Mall dominated New Era Mall in terms of customer flow and product placement.

Due to the development in recent years, many infrastructure had been built such as schools, government buildings, and residential areas, contributing to higher traffic flow to New Era Mall.

New Era mall grabbed the opportunity and promoted themselves heavily, then rose as the largest shopping complex of the city.

The business deal this time was with one of the best clothing companies, whose owner was called Deng Kuan. He had eight brands under him and he handled low to medium-class brands well, but what he lacked was a luxury brand like Spirit.

During this period of time, Spirit’s popularity was rising. Along with the attractive bonus for franchising, this made Deng Kuan interested in joining them.

About half an hour later, Ning Xi brought Han Momo to New Era. After they walked around for a while, they realized that New Era Mall was pretty big and a lot of people came here as well. If the deal with Deng Kuan went well, it would be very advantageous for Spirit’s growth in the Hubei province.

Ning Xi called Deng Kuan to inform him that she and her assistant had arrived. A short while later, a middle-aged chubby man with a female secretary came to Ning Xi.

"Hello Ms. Ning, I’m Deng Kuan." Deng Kuan smiled and shook hands and Ning Xi.

Deng Kuan then led Ning Xi to his office.

After some small talk, Ning Xi passed her proposal to Deng Kuan as she smiled. "Mr. Deng, the details of franchising are all in the proposal. Please have a look."

Deng Kuan nodded and started to go through the proposal seriously.

"We’ve included some of our latest works inside. Check it out." Han Momo presented a well-packed outfit to Deng Kuan.

"Mmm...great!" Deng Kuan smiled. "Ms. Ning, I’ve been to Spirit’s store twice and I really like Spirit’s quality and designs. Overall, I think it’s great, but, about the price, do you think you could give me a little discount?"

Ning Xi replied, "Mr. Deng, I’m sure you understand that quality comes with a price. We’re really looking forward to Mr. Deng’s collaboration as well, so we’ve made a special consideration on the pricing."

"Heh, Ms. Ning, we’re business people. We’re all aiming to earn more money, no?" Deng Kuan said suggestively.

"Mr. Deng, well…" Ning Xi paused for a short while. "If I tell you that I can give you more discouan today, then Spirit’s loss will need to be compensated from the materials. It would be a bad thing for both the consumers and you, Mr. Deng. With Spirit’s popularity and assurance in quality today, I believe you can see for yourself, as a smart businessman, you’d be able to understand the full potential of Spirit."

Deng Kuan’s eyes brightened as he looked at this young founder in front of him. He was trying to get a lower price, yet she was so experienced that what she said made sense.

Spirit’s brand impact and potential was what he was aiming for.


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