Hidden Marriage
1102 You’re Really Good At Joking
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1102 You’re Really Good At Joking

Chapter 1102: You’re Really Good At Joking
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Lu Tingxiao finished his conversation with Guan Ziyao, his eyes moved to Ning Xi and he noticed that Wang Shengzhe sat opposite her.

The man’s cold expression changed slightly. He excused himself from Guan Ziyao and headed towards Ning Xi…

The Mo family’s little garden was really pretty with had a pleasant view. The corner Ning Xi was sitting in had vines around it with flowers sprouting from it. Beside her was a pond reflecting the full moon.

What was more beautiful than the view was the person under it.

Yet, the person was only focused on Lu Tingxiao and Guan Ziyao.

What were they talking about? It was taking really long! Damn it!

Many young men or parents like Mo Jianzhang, who intended to look for a girl for their sons, all noticed Ning Xi. However, before they could make a move, they all saw the infamous flirt walking towards her.

As they saw Wang Shengzhe in hunting mode, they hoped that this innocent-looking little girl would not be fooled by him!

He actually came from a pretty prestigious family in Imperial. Although he was capable, he always indulged himself with lustful deeds.

As Ning Xi was wondering what Lu Tingxiao and Guan Ziyao were talking about, a man had suddenly walked up to her. "Hi there, is there anyone sitting here?"

The man wore a fitting English three-piece suit, looking rather retro and cool. His looks were above average, but his lustful eyes were a huge turn-off to Ning Xi.

Nevertheless, no matter what the man did, it did not concern her, so Ning Xi kept on looking at Lu Tingxiao. Without looking at the man, she replied, "Yes."

Wang Shengzhe was a little taken aback but quickly smiled, "You’re really good at joking, I’ve been watching you for a while. You seem to be here alone."

Ning Xi was speechless at his nerve to ask something he already knew.

Wang Shengzhe noticed that Ning Xi was not reacting to him but that got even more excited. His eyes were like a radar, scanning every inch of Ning Xi.

Wang Shengzhe was way more knowledgeable than women in girly stuff and he soon found a topic to approach her about. "Is your dress from Spirit?"

Ning Xi reacted a little when she heard the brand name. "Yes, why?"

Wang Shengzhe got his chance and he beamed proudly before continuing with the topic, "This is just a normal ready-made dress, isn't it?"

"Correct." Ning Xi nodded and was waiting to see what he would say next.

"I’m guessing you weren't able to get a custom-made piece? I heard that Spirit’s list of custom-made dresses has a waiting line of 6 months now. It’s really difficult to get one but I know someone on the inside. If you'd like, I can help you!" Wang Shengzhe tried to make himself appeal to Ning Xi.

Ning Xi smiled benovelently. "No way! I didn’t do anything to deserve that!"

Wang Shengzhe's pride swelled when he felt that he had a chance. "You’re too humble, Miss. For a beauty like you, simply existing is hard work!"

He then scanned the girl’s gentle eyes, her neat nose, cherry-like lips, and the gentle swell of her hips…


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