Hidden Marriage
1077 A Real Talen
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1077 A Real Talen

Chapter 1077: A Real Talent
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"You cannot let Spirit continue to grow. Use whatever method you can!"

"Understood, Boss! Just wait and see! They are still too young to go against me!" The man looked confident.

Ning Xueluo’s expression softened when she saw the man’s determination. This man was the previous marketing director of SF, a well-known market manipulator in the industry. He helped SF destroy countless competitors, so it was worth the fortune she had spent to get him on her side…

As for her, she had something more important going on.

It was confirmed that the elder was going to write his will!

In just a few days time, the news of the cousin to the CEO of Lu Corporation, Lu Xinyan’s new store opening spread like wildfire.

Many people came to support her. In addition to the strategic location of her store, her sales remained the highest among all the stores for the first few days.

Ning Xi was relieved when she saw Lu Xinyan doing well.

Unfortunately, the situation did not last long…

Inside Spirit Studio, Ning Xi held the sales report of Lu Xinyan’s store in her hands. She lay her head on the table of Qiao Weilan’s office in exhaustion. "I was wrong...I was really wrong this time…"

Aside from the spike in sales in the start, the sales of Lu Xinyan’s franchise store had dropped steeply and the loss incurred was extremely severe.

"Seriously, with the support of so many people, a strategic location, and sufficient backup...she could still lose this much money... A real talent indeed! How does she even do that?" Ning Xi sighed.

Actually, Qiao Weilan had somewhat expected this to happen.

She had gone through Lu Xinyan’s proposal personally and found the plan was pretty solid, but a business was run by people. With Lu Xinyan as the boss, her decision would affect everything and if her execution went astray of her plan, the proposal would be meaningless.

With this much loss incurred, Lu Xinyan did not tell Ning Xi about it and planned to tough it out, but numbers could not lie. Qiao Weilan could identify the problem at one glance.

She quickly called Ning Xi over for a discussion the moment she realized something was wrong.

"I’ve gone over and investigated how she was doing before. Historically, she would just lose more and more. She's just not a business-minded person," Qiao Weilan explained, "Not only could she not differentiate between peak season and normal season, to boost her sales numbers, she also had promotions almost every week. Although it looked like they attracted a lot of customers, as time went on, a high-end brand turned into cheap. After the event ended, how could she expect to sell them at the prices of a high-end brand again?"

Ning Xi looked helpless. She finally believed that that girl was really an amateur. In regard to Lu Xinyan’s loss, Ning Xi sort of expected it, but she just did not expect it to be this severe.

"If this goes on, it'll definitely negatively influence to Spirit as well as the other stores," Qiao Weilan said.

Ning Xi pinched the bridge of her nose. " Director Qiao, you’re still tied up with the business expansion project. I’ll go and discuss with Lu Xinyan personally!"

Qiao Weilan nodded without any objection.

She was not afraid for Lu Xinyan to make mistakes; she was afraid that Lu Xinyan would not realize her own mistake and continue to make them. Judging by the conversation Ning Xi had with her the last time, they should be pretty close, so it would be great if they could talk this out.


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