Hidden Marriage
1032 Someone Wants To Move In?
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1032 Someone Wants To Move In?

Chapter 1032: Someone Wants To Move In?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When they returned, Ning Xi immediately went to the studio to announce the good news.

"What? Elder Song agreed!?" Han Momo was so excited she immediately jumped up from her seat. "Sis Xi, you're amazing!"

Qiao Weilan was still fretting about selecting a national artist and did not expect Ning Xi to bring such good news. She felt relieved and the awe in her heart increased a tad bit more.

Who would have thought that she could really do it!?

"Sis Xi, Sis Xi! How did you do it?"

"Boss, you managed to get Elder Song?" Gong Shangze heard the commotion outside and walked over.

"Yes, didn't we leave our studio information outside Elder Song's door before this? Elder Song said he skimmed through it and even praised you saying that your designs were not bad and did not dishonor his reputation!"

Gong Shangze was so emotional that his eyes reddened. "Boss! Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course I am! Why would I lie to you? Keep up the good work! But most importantly, take good care of your health. After all, one's body is the most revolutionary capital. It's not healthy for you to stay at home all day and not exercise!" Ning Xi said worriedly.

"I know! I know, Boss! Boss, I'll work hard to design and also work hard to get fit! Thank you! Thank you, Boss!" Gong Shangze took a deep bow.


At the same time, at Platinum Palace.

"Master, Madam!" When they saw that Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan had suddenly come to visit, the old butler quickly went up to greet them.

Yan Ruyi saw that not too far away, people were busy walking in and out, so she asked with suspicion, "What's happening?"

"The Master has ordered to tidy up that building beside the greenhouse. Someone is moving in," said the butter honestly.

"Someone is moving in...?" Yan Ruyi's expression changed when she heard this.

Could it be that woman who wants to move in?

Yan Ruyi looked at Lu Chongshan. He had obviously shared the same thought. Were they finally moving on to the next level?

When she saw her son from afar, Yan Ruyi quickly called out, "Tingxiao!"

When Lu Tingxiao, who was instructing the servants, heard his mother's voice, he walked over. "Mother, Father, can I help you?"

Yan Ruyi shot a look at her son. "Can't I come to see you and Little Treasure for no reason? What are you doing? Why are you suddenly tidying up the small building? Are you preparing to let Ning Xi move in?"

Lu Chongshan looked unhappy too. "Even if the two of you are a couple now, it's a bit too much to live together before getting married."

Lu Tingxiao looked at his parents without any expression. "Song Jin."

"What? Song today [1], Song tomorrow?" Yan Ruyi did not understand her son.

"The person who's moving in is Song Jin, Elder Song."

"What? You mean that national artist, Master Song Jin?" Lu Chongshan immediately asked in surprise.


"Isn't Master Song living alone in Taoyuan Village? In fact, he won't even meet outsiders! Why would he come and stay here?" Lu Chongshan thought his son's lie was a little too absurd.

"Song Jin has taken Little Treasure in as his apprentice. To ease the lessons, he agreed to move here."

When he finished, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were both dumbfounded.

Lu Chongshan was shocked. "What are you saying? Song Jin took Little Treasure in as an apprentice? When did this happen?"

Yan Ruyi naturally knew who Song Jin was too. She quickly said, "You damned child, can't you just say everything clearly at once? We have to ask you before you'll say a few more words! What actually happened? Explain properly!"

Translator's Thoughts
Daoist7 Daoist7
[1] '矜' (Jin) in 宋矜 (Song Jin) is phonetically similar to '今' (jin), which means 'today'.

Thus, when Yan Ruyi heard Song Jin, she thought she heard Song 'today'.


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