Hidden Marriage
1023 Bring The Little Bun Out For Fun
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1023 Bring The Little Bun Out For Fun

Chapter 1023: Bring The Little Bun Out For Fun
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The next day, Ning Xi and Gong Shangze arrived at Taoyuan Village once again.

Because they had had experience this time around and knew the way, they reached the house by noon.

The two of them had bumped into Song Jin in between the paddy fields. Song Jin wore a straw hat and was transplanting rice seedlings.

Song Jin's transplanting skill was obviously well-trained and his fingers worked deftly too. He looked just like a typical village farmer at one glance. Who would have thought that he was actually a famous and world-renowned Chinese calligrapher at first sight!?

Song Jin did not react much when he noticed the both of them from the corner of his eye. He continued to mind his own business without the least bit of concern.

Yesterday, their strategy had failed, so Ning Xi decided to change their approach and was straightforward. "Hello, Elder Song. I'm the person-in-charge of Spirit Studio, Ning Xi, and this is our designer, Gong Shangze.

"Spirit is a fashion design company that produces premium apparel inspired by Oriental styles. Our designer really loves your work, and at the same time, your work is very compatible with our style. Thus, we've come over this time to discuss a possible collaboration with you. I wonder if you'd consider."

A short moment of silence later, Song Jin straightened up and looked at Ning Xi sternly. "Young lady, I think you two should look for someone else. I already said that I'm just an old man, I can't help you."

Ning Xi speechlessly pulled at her hair.

Hey, what was with this sentence again!?

However, one could tell from this sentence that Song Jin had indeed discarded worldly matters and little could catch his interest...

"Elder Song, can't you just consider it a little? Even if you don't care about fame or fortune, don't you wish your work can be passed on through generations and display a larger value?" Ning Xi tried to persuade him.

When he heard this, Song Jin seemed to hesitate.

Could something have moved him?

Ning Xi quickly looked over, but he had bent down and continued to work on his seedlings again.

Okay, we've failed again...

But that was expected. Song Jin had already made it to the top and was renowned in and out of the country, so why would he care about collaborating with a fashion company?

Ning Xi and Gong Shangze took turns in persuading the old man but at last, they still left unfruitful.

Before she left, Ning Xi put the studio's information on the door of the house.

When she saw Gong Shangze in low spirits, Ning Xi patted his shoulders and encouraged him, "Don't give up! When Liu Bei wanted to hire Zhu Geliang, he had to visit his thatched cottage three times! Let's try again tomorrow! Maybe we'll succeed tomorrow, who knows?"


The third day saw failure once more.

After returning from Taoyuan Village, Ning Xi went straight to Platinum Palace. The moment Ning Xi walked into her house, she threw herself on the sofa and moaned, "Arghh, it's so hard to settle him..."

"What's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao was sitting on the sofa, reading the papers. He ruffled the girl's hair, observing that she had been upset the moment she had walked in.

"It's that national calligrapher I told you about! He's so hard to invite!" Ning Xi mumbled.

"Song Jin?"

"Yeah! No hard or soft method can get to him! The key is that he has no desire for anything and we have nowhere to enter!" Ning Xi could not help but whine.

"The possibility of inviting Elder Song is pretty small. I suggest you look for someone else," said Lu Tingxiao.

Okay, if even Lu Tingxiao says so, there's probably no hope...

Ning Xi sighed, "I think that there isn't much possibility too. We'll try one last time tomorrow! Gong Shangze, that unlucky child, is too weak from being indoors all the time. He's already sick from running around these few days! I've to go alone tomorrow...oh no! No, wait! Tomorrow is Saturday and I was just thinking about bringing the little bun on a nature trip! Perfect!"


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