Hidden Marriage
1015 All For This Day
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1015 All For This Day

Chapter 1015: All For This Day
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Xi touched her chin. "We have nothing to fear. On the other hand, that guy will have a lot to worry about. The moment we go into the international market will be the day David goes down...but for now, there're a lot of matters we need to settle. Since all the designs are done by the same person, there're too many similarities. To those who don't know what's happening, they might really believe the media…"

Gong Shangze spoke up, "Boss, I've thought about this as well. Although there's a huge shift in my design style compared to the past, I've always liked Ling Fengming, Zhang Daqian, and Qi Baishi, and I always refer to their calligraphic paintings as my inspiration. David is catching on to this and making news out of it! So, I think that our design for the new season will need to use something no one has ever used before, a Chinese element that's exclusively from Spirit Studio!"

"If that's how we're doing it...then, we'd need a master to create a new art for us." Ning Xi gave it some thought. "But if we're inviting a calligraphy artist, it's a little risky…"

"Yes and it has to be a famous and professional artist!"

After a short while, Ning Xi spoke up, "I've thought about someone...Song Jin, Master Song! I've been to his art exhibition before. It's absolutely amazing! Sadly, he's retired already and probably won't take on another commission!"

Gong Shangze was excited. "Boss, we're thinking about the same person! I'm his hardcore fan! Back then when he was still active, I spent three years of my savings and bought one of his paintings. Unfortunately, it went missing after I was chased out by the landlord and now, there isn't any work of his on the market…"

"So, you mean...you want to invite Elder Song to make a comeback?" Ning Xi asked.

"It might be difficult, but I'd like to try!" Gong Shangze nodded. "I've always hoped to collaborate with Elder Song. It might just be my selfish desire, but I'd really, really like to make it work…"

"Let's try it! I'll go with you tomorrow!"

"R-really?" Gong Shangze was surprised because he knew that it was risky, but he had still proposed the idea anyway.

"Of course, for a designer, what's important is your passion! The excitement! If Elder Song's work can fire you up, I'll fully support you!" Ning Xi then turned to Qiao Weilan. "Director Qiao, what do you think?"

Qiao Weilan replied, "While the chance is low, there's no harm trying. Masters like Elder Song rely on fateful encounters a lot, so you guys might be lucky and he might agree to help. Even if it doesn't work, we have other alternatives."

"Alright, we're set then!" Ning Xi decided, "About those nonsense news, I hope that the public relations department can take care of it!"

"Mm-hmm, I've made arrangements already," Qiao Weilan assured.

Ning Xi was really relieved that she had a professional on the team. Qiao Weilan had already set up a strong public relations team some time ago, all for a day such as this one.


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