Hidden Marriage
996 He Was Really Wrong!
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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996 He Was Really Wrong!

Chapter 996: He Was Really Wrong!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"I was wrong!!!" Ning Xi decided that it was best to admit her fault.

At that moment, everyone could not bear watching what was happening. "Bro Xiao, don't be so fierce to Miss Ning. It was all thanks to her for saving Xinyan that she had almost fallen off the cliff!"

"Exactly! Miss Ning must be frightened, you should console her instead!" Everyone started to help Ning Xi by coaxing him.

Lu Tingxiao's expression looked like a storm was brewing.

Almost fell off a cliff...?! He had only been separated from her for five minutes!

He was really wrong...

Even if it were five seconds, he should not have let her leave his line of sight!

Only until after Ning Xi's peril was resolved did everyone notice that there was one more person behind Lu Tingxiao. It was Guan Ziyao.

"Ziyao, where did you run off to? Do you know that all of us were worried sick about you?"

"You disappeared without saying anything and your phone couldn't be reached. Everyone's been looking for you all morning and Xinyan even almost met with danger!"

"Ziyao, you're really quite irresponsible this time!"


Guan Ziyao never would have thought that she would be confronted by this scene upon her return. Everyone was on Ning Xi's side and critizing her...

She tried to keep her expression still as she apologized to everyone in a sincere manner, "I'm sorry, I was just in a bad mood and went for a walk, and my phone battery died. I'm really sorry for making everyone worry about me!"

However, not only did Guan Ziyao not gain everyone's sympathy, many of them looked annoyed at her. Even her friends who had helped her speak up before had shut up now.

The sharper ones could not help but start to think how come no one could find her after searching all around, yet it was Lu Tingxiao who had found her.

Was it really a coincidence or intentional?

At first, everyone might have sympathized with her a little, but now that they thought about the incident earlier, they all started to feel unfair on Ning Xi's behalf.

On one hand was a person who had always longed for someone else's boyfriend, yet continued to victimize herself, even using her friend's concerns to pick on Ning Xi and had gone missing without a care for all her friends' worries. While the other one had used her capabilities to save someone who was always against her and had actually climbed up by herself after falling off the cliff...

At that moment, everyone finally understood Ning Xi a little more. She was not really the weak little bunny; it was only with Lu Tingxiao that she revealed that side of her.

Just like how Lu Tingxiao only revealed his soft side in front of Ning Xi.

After Ning Xi climbed up, she did not mentioned the fact that Lu Xinyan had pushed her off at all. Lu Xinyan did not dare to say much because she felt guilty, much less help Ziyao out of the situation.

If Guan Ziyao had not suddenly gone missing, all of this would not have even happened...

Thank God Ning Xi had pulled her in earlier, or else, she really could have died!

When she thought of the whole incident, she felt herself shaking from the trauma.

Mo Lingtian looked gloomy as he walked to Lu Tingxiao's side and said in a suppressed tone, "Lu Tingxiao, I'm sorry."

Apart from this, he did not know what else to say. He felt guilty and blamed himself for what happened.

He had even almost took his anger out on him and Ning Xi earlier for Guan Ziyao's disappearance.

Thankfully, Ning Xi was alright, or else, he would never be able to face Lu Tingxiao again. After all, it was him who had told Lu Tingxiao that he had to come, even threatening him with their friendship.



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