Hidden Marriage
969 Now I“ve Seen It All
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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969 Now I“ve Seen It All

Chapter 969: Now I've Seen It All
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When she saw Lu Xinyan's irritated expression, Ning Xi asked plainly, "Do you own this store, Miss Lu?"

Did people have to get her permission to enter?

Lu Xintan was stunned and when she realized what she meant, her temper raged. "You! So what if I do or not!? Dare you say that you didn't intentionally follow us in because you want to get close to Aunty?"

Ning Xi wanted to say something but in the end, she just shook her head and laughed. She walked straight to sit at the rest area, closing her eyes while she waited for the store manager to prepare the stock.

Last night, she had been headstrong and drank till late at night, then she had a shoot for the entire day. The moment she finished shooting, she had gone to the studio, then rushed here without stopping to rest. She was already beyond exhausted, so there was no need for her to waste more energy on others.

"Look at her! She has nothing to say! She doesn't even want to buy any clothes. She's just sitting there. Obviously, she's just here to prove her presence only!"

Guan Ziyao shook her head. "You...have you ever seen anyone prove her presence like that? She's probably just waiting for someone!"

"I've never seen it before but now I've really seen it all..." Lu Xinyan muttered.

Yan Ruyi obviously did not want to be tangled in this, so she pat Lu Xinyan on the shoulder and said, "Let's look at the clothes!"

Seeing that Yan Ruyi was not at ease, Lu Xinyan finally shut up.

However, once she thought about Ning Xi's words, she felt very angry. So what if she did not own the store? She was about to open a retail store but they had the nerve to reply her saying that her qualifications did not suit their request. How unimaginable!

Simply based on the identity of Lu Tingxiao's cousin, no one would not give her face. It was just a newly started brand, yet they had unexpectedly rejected her.

However, she really did like this brand's designs very much. In fact, she felt that this time, she was certain that she did not make an error of judgement; she would definitely not make losses again, so she still had not given up hope...

"Oh, Aunty, come over and see this. I think it suits you well, I've noticed it since the last time I came over to shop. It's a good thing it hasn't been sold! Even though this outfit is lovely, it chooses its wearers and I think only you can dominate it, Aunty!"

It was an ornate qipao with embroidered crab-apple flowers which was not overly extravagant. In fact, Yan Ruyi felt that this piece was stunning. "It is not bad!"

"Isn't it? Aunty, I'll give this to you! You don't even need to try it on for me to know that you'll look very good in this!" Lu Xinyan immediately had another shop assistant pack the outfit for her.

"You punk, you wouldn't have something you need my help for, do you?" Yan Ruyi laughed as she caressed the gown. She did like it very much.

Lu Xinyan playfully shook Yan Ruyi's arm and meekly said, "Aunty, you're so smart. Actually...your niece does have a small favor to ask of you!"

"I knew it! That's why you're so eager in currying my favor, what is it now?" Yan Ruyi mocked.

"Well...actually, I want to open up a retail store for Spirit but they rejected my application, replying that my qualifications are not suitable. I have money and resources, how am I not suitable?"

"Why do you want to put another fashion brand on your retail shelf...?" Yan Ruyi felt a headache coming on when she heard this. "Xinyan, just listen to your father and be an obedient lady, or go to Tingxiao's company and have him arrange a stable position for you. Isn't that much better?"

"I don't want that, I like to go into business! Aunty, can you help me to beg Cousin? As long as he says a word, he can definitely solve everything!" Lu Xinyan was begging like a spoiled child.

Yan Ruyi looked helplessly at her. "Xinyan, it's not that Aunty doesn't want to help you, but I can't say much to your cousin. How about you look for him yourself?"

They had so many relatives from the lines of descendants that continue to branch out and if everyone looked for Tingxiao for every little thing, he would die from being so buay. Thus, usually for such requests, she would reject whenever she could and not trouble her son, even if it was for Lu Xinyan.

Lu Xinyan's head drooped when she heard this. Her lingering fears showed on her face. "I don't dare to look for him myself. He's been charmed by that woman. The last time I accidentally offended her too, so maybe that woman's already said some things to Cousin and he now hates me...Sis Ziyao, how about you talk to my cousin for me?"


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