Hidden Marriage
968 Followed All The Way To The Store
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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968 Followed All The Way To The Store

Chapter 968: Followed All The Way To The Store
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the same time, the three of them including Lu Xinyan reached the store.

The decoration in Spirit was unlike History's that had been designed in a vintage style to the tee. Ning Xi had noticed during her observation the last time that that sort of vintage theme was a little too heavy and gloomy.

Thus, Spirit's main color palette was on the nude side. It used elements of Chinese aesthetics and at the same time, combined it with modern minimalism. Altogether it looked very fresh, simple and elegant.

Apart from that, the store had also put in extra effort in the rest area. They provided a comfortable waiting area for the men who accompanied their girlfriends and wives to shop and in another corner was a special play area for children. It was very people friendly.

After Yan Ruyi walked in, her eyes skimmed the area and when she saw that there were a few children playing with wooden blocks in the play area, her gaze instantly softened; her first impression of this store was a good one.

To actually think of things like these, one could tell that the boss was a detailed and gentle person. Usually, stores would not waste space on things like these.

"Miss Lu, you're here!" When they saw the customers who had walked in, the shop assistants greeted them and served them tea.

The last time Lu Xinyan had come, she had snagged up quite a few piece. Furthermore, she was wearing one of Spirit's rare bespoke pieces on her, so the shop assistants remembered her quite well.

They noticed two other people beside Lu Xinyan. One was in her twenties and the other was slightly older. They both had extraordinary charisma, especially the older lady. They surmised that she must be someone important. The shop assistants naturally did not dare neglect them and were even more eagerly attentive towards them.

"Is the store manager not here?" Lu Xinyan looked around and asked.

"The store manager is currently in the storeroom sorting out some stock. Is there anything we can help you with, Ms. Lu?" the shop assistant inquired passionately.

"Do you have these few outfits in your store?" Lu Xinyan turned on her phone, clicked on her photo album and showed the shop assistant the few outfits she wanted.

The shop assistant took a look and quickly replied, "Yes, these are selling like hot cakes. All of the other branches are out of stock, only our flagship store has some. However, one of the two just arrived today and we haven't had the time to hang them out. Initially, we were preparing to put up the new arrivals tomorrow, but if you'd like to have them, I can go and get them for you from the storeroom now, Miss Lu."

"Sure!" When she knew that there was stock, Lu Xinyan was overjoyed.

"Okay, then please have some tea and wait for a moment," said the shop assistant before she went to the storeroom for the outfits.

Not too long after the shop assistant had left, Ning Xi walked in.

The store manager and one of the shop assistants had gone to the storeroom, and the other one was busily assisting a few other customers, so they did not notice Ning Xi's arrival.

Instead, it was Lu Xinyan who saw Ning Xi the moment she walked in.

Ning Xi had not only got off on the same floor as them, she had even walked into the same store! Lu Xinyan tried to keep a cool expression but could not hold it in any longer. "What's wrong with this person!? She's everywhere! And she actually followed us all the way into this store! There's no need to do this even if she wants to worm into a relationship! Doesn't she know that she's really annoying?"

Lu Xinyan's voice was loud enough for Ning Xi to hear.

Guan Ziyao nudged Lu Xinyan. "Xinyan! She's just here to look at the clothes..."

"Look at what clothes? She obviously heard our conversation in the lift and followed us here. Do you think she's stupid?" Lu Xinyan bitterly tugged at Yan Ruyi's arm. "Aunty, don't bother about people like her!"

Yan Ruyi frowned. Even though she did not say anything, she could not help but feel uncomfortable that Ning Xi was stalking her.


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