Hidden Marriage
861 A Familiar Vibe
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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861 A Familiar Vibe

Chapter 861: A Familiar Vibe

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Lu Tingxiao did not show any expression on the surface,so no one knew what he was thinking about at the moment.

"Do you want to check the security cameras?" Ning Xi asked.

Lu Tingxiao tapped on his phone screen, then he opened the security camera footages. After looking through for a few times, they realized that the bouquet of flowers had appeared out of nowhere.

Ning Xi frowned. "One part of the footage was removed!"

It was impossible for the flowers to appear out of thin air. It was obvious the footage had been altered in some way.

Lu Jingli said, "Petty tricks, how dare he do this against my brother!?"

Lu Tingxiao tapped a few times on the screen again. It seemed like he was downloading some software. A few minutes later, he reopened the footage, and they now saw a silhouette…

In the footage, there was a man closing in slowly. He wore black shirt and black pants, and almost merged with the night. He had a bouquet of black flowers with him as he walked towards the entrance slowly…

He bent over and left the flowers there, then he stood back up and looked around. The light was dim and he was wearing a black face mask, hiding his face, so only a blurry shadow was seen. He stood there silently for quite some time.

Suddenly, the man looked up and walked towards the security camera. To them, it felt like the man was staring at them through the camera, provoking them arrogantly…

Soon, the man turned away and left, a few black petals falling off him, then he disappeared into the night.

"Bro, I checked it and it’s just flowers, nothing dangerous inside. It's probably just a prank…" Lu Jingli said.

Lu Jingli picked up the flowers and looked at it. He then passed it to Lu Jingli and said, "Throw it away."

"Okay…" Lu Jingli nodded. "It’d be bad if the old man saw this!"

Ning Xi subconsciously looked into the dark as she followed Lu Tingxiao. "Who might this be, giving these flowers on a day like this?"

"Pay him no mind, just some bored people." Lu Tingxiao patted her head and seemed not to care about the strange incident at all.

Suddenly, there was a panting voice behind them, there was a maid calling out, "First Master, you’re here! Master and Madam are waiting for you!"

"Alright," Lu Tingxiao replied, then he reminded Ning Xi, "Wait for me, don’t go anywhere."

"Mmm okay, go quickly!"

Ning Xi spaced out for a little on her own after Lu Tingxiao left. The flowers might not be a big deal for Lu Tingxiao, but the guy from the security footage...gave her a familiar vibe…

In the study room.

"Come here, have a seat."

Lu Chongshan went straight to the point. "Tingxiao, Little Treasure seems to have improved greatly in terms of his wrist strength, the way he walks and his structure have changed as well. Overall, he looks much better than before. Did he go through some sort of training recently?"

"Mmm, we hired a master for him," Lu Tingxiao replied.

"Little Treasure was willing to learn?"

"He’s learning well up to this point."

"I see...okay…" Lu Chongshan nodded in satisfaction.


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