Hidden Marriage
854 As Expected Of His Grandson!
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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854 As Expected Of His Grandson!

Chapter 854: As Expected Of His Grandson!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Guan Rui’s plan was to destroy Little Treasure tonight, but he did not expect that his plan would not only fail and do zero damage to Little Treasure; Guan Zhichen was now despised by everyone.

Guan Rui acted troubled and looked at Lu Chongshan, enunciating slowly, "Elder Lu, I’m really sorry for what happened. Zhichen is still young and his personality is too straightforward. He wouldn’t easily change his mind although I’ve told him about it many times. He still won’t change that attitude! His teacher mentioned that this trait of him is beneficial in academics, but it surely causes a big problem in his interpersonal relationships!"

Guan Rui rephrased Guan Zhichen’s arrogance and mean attitude to persistence and straightforwardness.

Lu Chongshan was still reeling from Little Treasure talking, but he understood that his surprise should be concealed carefully. If not, he would be indicating that he acknowledged Little Treasure was autistic, so he stayed calm on the surface.

"It’s not a big deal, Bro Guan, Qingyu has to be responsible as well. His personality is exactly the same as his father's. They just don’t like to talk, we rarely listen him talk at home as well. It’s unavoidable that Zhichen would misunderstand." Lu Chongshan used this chance to clarify the public’s suspicions and avoid any future misunderstandings based on Little Treasure’s silence.

As for Little Treasure’s remark of Guan Zhichen's unworthiness, Lu Chongshan ignored it and did not intend to apologize.

Great job! As expected of Lu Chongshan’s grandson!

"Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s good that it’s cleared up now…"

"That’s right! Many people just love to spread rumors, kids are too young to separate the truth from lies. It’s not entirely his fault!"

Some guests helped to clear up the awkward atmosphere as Guan Zhichen apologized under Guan Rui’s harsh gaze.

Lu Chongshan’s anger disappeared because Little Treasure talked, so he generously let this matter off as he was feeling overjoyed that night.

At the same time, Guan Ziyao was holding onto Yan Ruyi’s arms and she apologized, "Aunty, I’m really sorry for tonight, we’ve been pretty strict with Zhichen, but just like Little Treasure, he’s been treated like the treasure of our family. It was his first time being slapped and he got too upset! That’s why he said those harsh words, they aren’t intentional...Aunty, don’t take them personally!"

As Guan Ziyao talked, she beckoned Guan Zhichen over.

Guan Zhichen looked down and hid the fire in his eyes. "I’m sorry, Grandmother Lu, it’s my fault, it wasn’t intentional…"

Yan Ruyi looked at the red mark on his face and she sighed, "It’s okay now, don’t blame yourself anymore, everything is cleared up now. Ziyao, quickly get him some ice! Your father used too much force!"

Guan Ziyao was relieved as Yan Ruyi’s tone softened. She brought Guan Zhichen away. The Lu family would not hold them responsible on the surface for this matter, but it would surely leave a scar inside them. She had to make her father behave himself in the time being…


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