Hidden Marriage
793 Breathtaking Finale
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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793 Breathtaking Finale

Chapter 793: Breathtaking Finale

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Apart from that, those who were astonished included the prominent figures in the industry, honored guests, celebrities, and more...

No one had expected the model wearing Spirit's Midsummer's Star final custom-made dress to be Qin Shengyue!

The dark blue backdrop was embedded with small radiant diamonds and the V-collar near the chest area was designed to stream like the galaxy. The entire outfit was akin to a vast, starry sky within the universe, above our heads on a midsummer's night like a dream...

It was just...crazy!

What was happening? How did Qin Shengyue appear as Spirit's finale model? Hadn't she publicly praised David many times?

Yet, now for such an important occasion, she had worn the garment of designer ZX who had defeated David the last time. Was she making it known that she thought that mysterious designer was more capable than David?

All the guests, public figures, and designers of the industry present were already itching to get to the bottom of this!

Finally, the morning show came to end.

Offstage, the reporters had long been anticipating.

They waited for a long time before Qin Shengyue finally appeared from backstage and had changed into a different outfit.

On her was a fire red gown in classic Chinese-styled embroidery. The broad skirt was burnt by flames to knee-level, revealing a pair of beautifully slender legs...

Those who knew could immediately recognize that this was one of the outfits from the Golden Awards winner, designer ZX's "Nirvana" theme!

"Miss Qin, may I ask if you're currently wearing Spirit's garment?"


"Miss Qin, may I ask why you are so fond of Spirit's brand?"

Qin Shengyue stroked her skirt lightly, and with wandering eyes, she asked matter-of-factly, "Is this still a question?"

At that moment, Qin Shengyue's aura and the dress were perfectly harmonizing with each other, practically stunning everyone.

No matter if it was Qin Shengyue's personality, aura, or figure, she matched the outfit superbly well!

"Well...there really is no need...Spirit is too beautiful and soulful, deserving of the brand's name! Then Miss Qin, may we ask what you think about History, and how it compares to Spirit? You seemed to love History before this, so why have you suddenly turned to Spirit? Is there a story somewhere within this?" the reporter asked in anticipation.

Everyone's eyes immediately gathered onto Qin Shengyue, including Ning Xi who was offstage.

She was afraid that she would suddenly say something like, "Sure, I'm glad to."

Thankfully, Qin Shengyue was still quite reliable during critical moments. She answered carefully, "David is the most talented designer I've met. Before this, I have indeed been admiring him. However, his designs are like time standing still in this perfect world. Beautiful, but unchanging. With Spirit, I saw growth, transformation, and unlimited possibilities!"

Qin Shengyue was very influential in the industry and her evaluations possessed authority.

This one sentence immediately defined Spirit's capabilities and moved Spirit's ambiguous status that wandered by the borders, straight into the fashion circle. It was akin to being bestowed with an honorary plaque.

Not too far away, Ning Xueluo was about to lose control at the progress of this situation. "How did it become like this? Never mind if it was another big brand! But it had to be Spirit! Our outfits were already sent over earlier, but Qin Shengyue had rejected them. Is there a problem with your designs?"


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