Hidden Marriage
775 Little Treasure Won“t Be Angry, Right?
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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775 Little Treasure Won“t Be Angry, Right?

Chapter 775: Little Treasure Won't Be Angry, Right?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
The morning sun trickled in through the window. While the girl's skin looked delicate under the sun rays, you could barely see her soft and cute fine hair on her arms and face.

Lu Tingxiao leaned on the bed while his fingers grazed her cheeks lightly.

Before this, his heart had been tensed up but now, he could finally relax.

Since they returned from DC a week ago till now, he could finally confirm that this girl in front of him was really officially with him.

Ning Xi woke up with the rest of the world and the moment she opened her eyes, she was met with a god-like handsome face, a delicious-looking one. She was immediately in a good mood as she rubbed her cheeks against his fingers, then she hugged him like a koala and said in a dazed, sleepy voice, "Mmm, Big Boss, you're awake! Good morning!"


The blanket was so warm and comfortable that Ning Xi subconsciously fell asleep again.

Moments later, she suddenly opened her eyes. "Say...you left Little Treasure alone at home again. Is that okay? Wouldn't Little Treasure be angry?"

"No, I'm on official business."

"Official business...?"

"I still need this half-mother to work hard."


Gosh, did he usually lie to Little Treasure like this?


These few days, apart from promoting "The World" with the crew, Ning Xi had been busy with the studio, preparing for the upcoming Spring/Summer fashion week. After all, whether their reputation and market could expand would rely on this.

Finally, after Lu Jingli had been giving white roses to Yang Shirou for three days, the plan to attack Yang Shirou had reached the most crucial fourth day.

Night fell.

Yang Shirou went to work at the restaurant as usual, feeling emotional and uncertain. After she glanced at the man who had presented her with the rose on the first day, she was almost in disbelief. Apart from those low-key important figures in Imperial who never appeared in newspaper and magazines, she knew all the other ones like the back of her hand. Furthermore, it was the Second Master from the Lu family who had always been very prolific.

She really could not believe that such a person would want to be involved with her, so she was not assured and had secretly asked around. At last, she confirmed that this man was really the Second Master of the Lu Corporation, Lu Jingli.

Before this, a famous tabloid magazine had organized a leader board of the top man all women in Imperial wanted to have a one-night stand with, and Lu Jingli was rated number on, so you could see that this man was quite the charmer.

Of course, at the same time, this meant that such a man could be messed around with, but if you were serious, then you would lose out.

In a certain hidden corner of the restaurant, Ning Xi flipped a tabloid magazine as she spoke through the Bluetooth earpiece to Lu Jingli, "Pfft...Lu Jingli, I can't believe you're voted as number one on the leaderboard for the man that girls want to have a one-night stand with. All these girls just want to hook up with you and not marry you. You really deserve to be single forever!"

"Huh! So what if they want to hook up with me? What's wrong with that?! They want to hook up with me because I have the skills!" Lu Jingli said with pride.

"Yes, yes, yes...your skills...so, today you must perform better and not use your usual hook-up ways. Don't let Yang Shirou feel like you're just messing aroundf. You must make her feel like you're really serious about her, that she's special, understand?"

"I know, I know, you've already said it 800 times...right, isn't my brother on that leaderboard?" Lu Jingli asked curiously.


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