Hidden Marriage
299 Resisting Temptation
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Hidden Marriage
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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299 Resisting Temptation

Chapter 299: Resisting Temptation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
What happened seemed very normal, but the fact that Little Treasure went out with her obediently all day was an incredible feat which couldn't be accomplished by anyone but Ning Xi.

Even if it had been Qin Mufeng who had been Little Treasure’s psychologist for many years, there was not much that he could help with now.

They used to think that Little Treasure had reached his limit by just being able to communicate with simple words, but the two kisses he expressed today surprised them immensely.

Hope still remained for Little Treasure’s recovery. Maybe one day, he would return to be a normal child, laughing heartily, and being able to bond closely with the family.

Maybe he might even speak…

The key to his recovery lay within this woman whom they initially thought could potentially hurt Little Treasure.

Both Father and Mother Lu were strongly against this from the beginning, which had led to the current difficult situation.

Lu Chongshan looked at his grandson gently, remembering how Little Treasure kissed him. He would trade anything for his kisses without hesitation.

Mother Lu had been doing all the questioning, and Lu Chongshan could not hold it in any longer and asked, "As far as I know, Miss Ning, you're currently a professional actress?"

Ning Xi nodded, "Yes."

Ning Xi felt indifferent as time passed. While the Lu family possessed enormous power, she did not intend to take anything from them, and it was even more impossible for her to become their daughter-in-law, so there was no reason to fear him.

"I wonder how much you currently earn, Miss Ning?" Lu Chongshan asked.

Ning Xi was a little confused by this question. What did Father Lu’s question mean?

At this moment, Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao instantly understood what the old man implied and what he was planning.

Even though Ning Xi did not understand Lu Chongshan’s intentions, she still replied, "I’ve just only started my career, so I don't earn that much. The series I’m involved in right now is recommended by my previous company, so minus the commission, I’m left with about five hundred thousands dollars."

Lu Chongshan nodded, then asked, "I wonder if you would be interested in a change in career?"

"Career change?" Ning Xi frowned.

"That’s right, I hope to invite Miss Ning to become Little Treasure’s private tutor. The reward will definitely satisfy you. I can guarantee that even the current top grossing artist in the entertainment industry doesn’t earn more than what this role offers", Lu Chongshan said with utmost confidence.

With such appealing terms, he thought that no one would be dumb enough to reject this offer.

What was her purpose of entering the entertainment industry anyway? It was about earning quick money, wasn't it?

Then, he would fulfill her desires instantly!

He did not believe that she could resist such a tempting offer.

After listening to Lu Chongshan's offer, Ning Xi faked a smile, hiding her stubbornness and disdain behind her eyes.

Due to the fact that he is Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli’s father, and Little Treasure’s grandfather, she refrained from using a harsh tone, instead she replied as gently as she could, "I’m sorry Mr. Lu, but everyone has their own aspirations".

She did not want to say more. There was too much of a difference between their values and he would not understand what she had to say.

Ning Xi’s answer blew him away. Lu Chongshan was not pleased, he then asked coldly, "Are you implying that my conditions aren’t good enough?"


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