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Happiness derived by Your undeniable Aura
Author :Zakala
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7 Sky

Next day was a holiday, so Alaska was still in her bed at eleven o' clock. She was just being lazy and staring at the ceiling from straight half an hour, thinking about their first date. She was mesmerised by happiness she was feeling. And her parents who were looking at their daughter's this side from a little far from her room's threshold, were smiling cheekily at each other. Just thanking God for always blessing and protecting their daughter.

On the other side Emir was sitting near his study table holding a pen and a notebook, deep in his thoughts, trying to draw something. But then he put his notebook, pen aside. He picked up his phone from the bed and was collecting some courage to message Alaska. Yes, they have been to a date together but he still feel shy by just looking at her number on the screen.

After staring his phone for a long time, he messaged her, "Hello Alaski :-)" "What are you doing?"

And he got a reply, "Hey! I was thinking that isn't my name Alaska:-P"

When he received the text, he didn't get the meaning so he rechecked their conversation. When he realised his mistakenly texted spell he felt really embarrassed and was nervous about what to say now and then Alaska texted him again, "BTW Alasky isn't bad either;-)"

Emir felt his cheeks getting hot on reading her text and shyly replied, "Ok.If you think so." "So, from now onwards I'll call you Alasky." "Or maybe Sky is more better."

Alaska smiled knowing her new name and was feeling tickled. So, she replied, "I guess this is going to be my new nickname. And I'm feeling like all of my nicknames are more beautiful than my real name"

And then they just continued chatting until it was two o' clock in the afternoon. Both of them didn't want to end their conversation but Alaska was feeling unhygienic because she haven't even brushed her teeth since she got up. So, they had to end it.

But just as both of them put their phones aside, they were missing eachother already.

This feeling was really new for Alaska. She was liking and loving everything around her. Everything seems beautiful and the sky was interestingly blue but romantic that day. Looking at sky she thought of her name given by Emir. So, she looked at the mirror and was smiling at her reflection. She called herself with the name Sky(in the specific tone as assuming Emir will call her) and felt butterflies in her stomach. She was feeling like she was being blessed by the nature and all the beautiful things in the world .


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